Netflix Releases Dakota Johnson’s “Persuasion” Trailer

Persuasion, the cinematic adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, has debuted its first trailer on Netflix. The Netflix blurb describes Anne Elliot as “an unconforming woman with modern sensibilities” who is “living with her snooty family on the edge of bankruptcy” before she joins Sony’s Spider-Verse as Marvel’s Madame Web. While watching, “Anne must decide whether to put the past behind her or follow her heart when it comes to second chances,” as Frederick Wentworth, the charming man she let go, storms back into her life.

Cosmo Jarvis plays Frederick Wentworth opposite Johnson as Anne Elliot. Henry Golding plays Mr. Elliot, Richard E. Grant plays Sir Walter Elliot, Nikki Amuka-Bird plays Lady Russell, Mia McKenna-Bruce plays Mary Musgrove, and Suki Waterhouse, Ben Bailey, Izuka Hoyle, Nia Towle, Edward Bluemel, Lydia Rose Bewley, and Yolanda Kettle also appear in the movie.

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Director Carrie Cracknell worked with screenwriters Ron Bass and Alice Victoria Winslow to produce the film Persuasion. Principal photography began in May 2021, a month after it was first announced. To celebrate, the movie will be available to stream on Netflix on July 15th, 2018.

Persuasion was published by Jane Austen in 1817 and received favorable reviews. Since then, word of the novel’s greatness has spread. It has been adapted numerous times, including four made-for-TV movies and two miniseries for television. Netflix’s adaptation is the first full-length film adaptation of the narrative.

Adaptations of Jane Austen’s works have been increasingly popular in recent years. In addition to receiving two Academy Award nominations, the 2020 film Emma was nominated for numerous other awards. Pride and Prejudice’s modern-day, homosexual romance comedy, Fire Island, was recently distributed by Hulu on the streaming service. There are more seasons of Austen’s unfinished Sanditon, too.

She’s most recognized for her portrayal as Christian Grey’s love interest, Sasha in the Fifty Shades of Grey film series. In the Sony Spider-Man spinoff, she earlier confirmed reports that she would play Madame Web. It’s still unclear which Cassandra Webb or Julia Carpenter she’ll be portraying when she joins the cast as Spider-Woman.

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Producer Amy Pascal noted in a 2019 Screen Rant interview that the most essential thing is that each of these movies can stand on its own. “As a result, I believe the first thing we should consider is: Venom, [Spider-Man], and Spider-Verse all need to stand on their own. Every one of them must be a fantastic film in and of itself. And then there are infinite possibilities.”

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