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When Will Perfect Dark Released On Xbox Series?

A new version of Perfect Dark is being made, and it’s one of the most mysterious Xbox Series X games announced so far. Back in 2020, Xbox Game Studios announced the project and said that the new Perfect Dark would be a “secret agent thriller set in a world close to the future” that was being made by The Initiative.

Since then, Joanna Dark’s long-awaited return has grown in scope, and Crystal Dynamics, the company that made Tomb Raider, has joined the project to help make it happen. Here is everything we know about Perfect Dark for Xbox Series X, including information about the story, which is about an ecological disaster, and the “super agent fantasy” that The Initiative is going for.

 Perfect Dark Release Date

The release date for Perfect Dark is still a few years away. The Initiative was founded in 2018, and the studio has been hiring people for its secret agent thriller for Xbox Series X and PC for a number of years. It means that even though the reboot of Perfect Dark was announced in 2020, it is still in the early stages of development.

A report from VGC says that “as much as half” of Perfect Dark’s core development team left the project in 2021. This is why Crystal Dynamics, the studio that remade Tomb Raider, was brought on as a co-developer. You will have to wait a little longer to get the new Perfect Dark.

Perfect Dark Trailer

At The Game Awards in 2020, the first trailer for Perfect Dark was shown. The cinematic was made to show us what The Initiative is going for with its reboot of Perfect Dark. It was just a taste of what a Joanna Dark adventure in the new generation might look like. The trailer, which you can watch above, shows beautiful graphics, a world torn apart by environmental disasters, and a sci-fi style that we can’t wait to explore more.


Perfect Dark Gameplay

When Perfect Dark finally comes out for Xbox Series X, it will be a first-person shooter that puts a lot of focus on the super spy fantasy. In 2020, former design director Dew Murray talked about the big idea, saying, “One of the things we thought about was how to make spy fighting’ different from what you’d see in a traditional first-person shooter…”

“You will slide under things and jump over them. We wanted to emphasize the physicality and being in the world. We tried to get some of the camera movement we see on body cameras and GoPros, and we tried to capture the excitement of moving in places and ways that you and I don’t.”

What Platforms Will Perfect Dark Release on?

Since 2002, when Microsoft bought the company that made Perfect Dark, Microsoft has owned the game. That means the new version of Perfect Dark will only be available on Xbox and will be available on Xbox Game Pass from the start. The Initiative hasn’t said which platforms it will support yet, but Perfect Dark will likely come out on Xbox Series X and PC.

Perfect Dark Story

Microsoft said that the upcoming game Perfect Dark is an “eco-sci-fi” story that takes place in the near future. In the first trailer, a voiceover talks about how natural disasters are getting worse and shows a huge storm destroying a city while Joanna watches. In this world, big corporations stepped in to help people adjust to living on a planet that could no longer regulate itself. Still, the trailer already shows that these corporations may not have the people’s best interests at heart. If it’s done right, this could give Perfect Dark a chance to talk about the genuine issue of climate change, which would make it stand out from all other FPS games.

Perfect Dark Story
Perfect Dark Story

The “sci-fi” part of Perfect Dark’s eco-sci-fi may be about how people have changed to deal with the new environmental challenge. It could also be a reference to the first Perfect Dark, which was about a war between two alien races, one of which looked just like the little grey men you see in XCOM. The game was influenced by Blade Runner, X-Files, and Ghost in the Shell, and it combined elements of a spy thriller with aliens, sentient AI, and secret government weapon projects.

In the original, a fight between two alien races called the Maians and the Skedar takes place on Earth. Each is represented by a large business that uses its resources to do what the aliens want. Joanna Dark, who was called “Perfect Dark” because she did so well in spy training, gets caught up in that conflict, which includes aliens trying to take the president hostage and a plan to destroy the world.

This is a bit much for a spy game in the year 2020, when stealth games generally have moved away from sci-fi and toward a more realistic style. For the reboot, you can expect something a little more realistic, but it’s not impossible that the aliens will come back.

Final Lines

In the trailer, you can already see the headquarters of dataDyne, the main bad guy in the first Perfect Dark. Microsoft hasn’t said for sure if this Perfect Dark is a reboot or a sequel, but the fact that it’s just called Perfect Dark and not Perfect Dark 2 and that it needs to appeal to both new and old fans makes it more likely that it’s a reboot.

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