Overwatch 2 Offline

Blizzard Will Be Taking Overwatch 2 Offline Again

Blizzard will take the Overwatch 2 servers offline again to fix more problems that have come up since the game came out. The company plans to turn off the game around 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) and the downtime is expected to last an hour. This will be the third time in two days that the game will be offline. Blizzard had to do it twice on Thursday.

In a post on its forums, Blizzard talked about the fixes that are being worked on and gave some updates on a few of the bigger problems. Blizzard plans to fix the problem where players who preordered Watchpoint Packs don’t see them as available and fix the LC-208 error that keeps some players from being able to log in on Friday evening.

Overwatch 2 Offline
Overwatch 2 Offline

In a post on Friday, Blizzard confirmed that the change to the phone number requirements for SMS Protect is now official. In the beginning, people who wanted to play Overwatch 2 had to register a postpaid phone number with their account. But after players complained, Blizzard said it would change the rule so that people who played the first Overwatch with a connected Battle.net account wouldn’t have to register a phone number to play the second game.”

The company is also looking into why players might have to wait a long time before games. Blizzard said in a post that to fix the problems, “we are changing how this system is set up today and hope to shorten the wait time a little bit as the day goes on.”

Blizzard is happy with the fixes it put in place on Thursday. The forum post says that the changes “led to a quadrupling of our capacity and a reduction in login lines overnight.” Over the next few days, Blizzard will keep an eye on things because “weekend gamer hours will be its biggest test yet.” Overwatch 2 might finally be getting back on track, we hope.

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