Overwatch 2 Is Currently Unavailable Due To An Attack [UPDATES]

Players shouldn’t be surprised by queues, even though Blizzard claims to have fixed some of the server time-out login issues. You are not alone if you have been unable to play Overwatch 2 since its release. Overwatch 2 servers are currently experiencing a “mass” distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack which is when something is maliciously flooded with traffic to prevent others from connecting as stated on Twitter by Blizzard president Mike Ybarra.

Because of this, logging into the game is proving to be a frustrating experience for anyone who has tried. Some players have reported waiting in lines of tens of thousands of people since the release of Overwatch 2 earlier today.

Missing cosmetics, missing match histories and buggy cameras are just a few of the launch issues that have arisen. Errors of a strange nature are par for the course when launching a massive live service game. While attempts to launch a cyberattack against Overwatch 2 are not uncommon, they are less frequent.

Eventually, the servers should be up and running again. Probably. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot provide a more precise time frame. Nogmagazine contacted Blizzard about when the servers would return to full capacity but had not heard back as of publication.

Overwatch 2 Is Currently Unavailable
Overwatch 2 Is Currently Unavailable

Overwatch, Blizzard’s original free-to-play shooter saw its servers shut down yesterday after six years of operation. Unfortunately, this prevents you from playing Overwatch while the DDoS attack is still ongoing. Previewed footage of Overwatch 2’s gameplay seemed to impress critics but the game’s gated live service progression for gaining new characters left them cold.

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Since many players already held the opinion that Overwatch 2 was little more than a cosmetic update to a perfectly serviceable competitive game, the decision to make the game free-to-play was a major disappointment. Anyhow, once Blizzard restores server stability, I hope you can at least regain your previous queue position.

Blizzard has written a new blog post about the ongoing connectivity problems that have been plaguing the new free-to-play hero shooter. The developer has said that some of the conditions have been improved but that players should still expect to wait.

Overwatch 2 Is Currently Unavailable

The difference is that audiences won’t be treated to two separate queues in quick succession. The problem will likely persist indefinitely because any attempt to resolve it will place additional stress on the game servers. What Blizzard has to say:

Because of the interconnected nature of login queues, server crashes and stability issues we will discuss all three together. For some players, the queue number displayed in the lobby may have fluctuated, going from a low value to a high one. Due to the existence of separate Battle.net and in-game queues, this occurs.

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This normally occurs behind the scenes and is not visible to players but it was happening in front of their eyes. We’ve made some adjustments to eliminate unnecessary queues, so players should now only have to wait in one line before getting into the game.

We are actively working to strengthen stability in a number of different domains. Today, we patched a server that plays a crucial role in the login process which improved login stability. Beyond just the queues, we also have a server update in the works that will decrease the frequency with which players are disconnected mid-game. Some users are being kicked out of queues or prevented from logging in together because the player database is too crowded.

Overwatch 2 Is Currently Unavailable

There has been a lot of strain on the player database so we’re keeping up with the addition of nodes to alleviate that. Adding nodes requires replicating data which puts additional strain on an already overburdened system consequently, we’re taking it slow so as not to disrupt development and engineering efforts currently underway.

Additionally, we are currently throttling queues to safeguard the player database as much as possible as we scale. This is unpleasant in the short term but will ultimately lead to a better overall experience for players in the long run.