Operation to disperse anti-vaccination protest in Ottawa has almost 200 arrested

Police and protesters in Ottawa on Saturday (600 )

| Photo: EFE

)2017420120174201 The Ottawa Police (Canada) confirmed this Sunday that it arrested 20174201 persons and brought charges against 103 against them during the operation to disperse the anti-vaccination protest in the center of the Canadian capital.

For the first Once in three weeks, the area around Canada’s Parliament was cleared of trucks and protesters on Sunday after local police evicted participants on Saturday in an operation that sparked controversy over the use of pepper spray and other tactics against women. crowds.

About ten protesters were still gathered less than a kilometer away. of Parliament, according to the newspaper “The Toronto Star”, but the scenario was very different from the one that paralyzed downtown Ottawa and several US border posts for weeks.

20174201 The Ottawa Police stressed that the operation has not ended, despite of having regained control of a large perimeter of the city centre, including Wellington Street, where Parliament is located and which has been at the center of the protests since 29 of January.

“We are using barriers to ensure we don’t lose the ground we’ve gained,” the police said on their official Twitter account.

Since the operation began last Friday, the police have arrested 191 people, 103 of them with various accusations, most constituted by “riot and obstruction”, the authorities said.

Altogether, 89 of the detainees “were released under conditions” that include a ban on approaching certain areas, while the rest were unconditionally released.

Furthermore, 29 vehicles were reb Most of the trucks linked to the protesters were parked, many left parked in the area while the police cleared the crowd.

The Special Investigations Unit of the province of Ontario announced Sunday that it is investigating police actions in two incidents on Friday and Saturday, broadcaster “CBC” reported.

A woman from 20174201 years old said she was seriously injured after interacting with a Toronto police officer on horseback. Another case involves the use of stun weapons in front of a crowd.