Onihei Season 2 Release Date Status, Characters, Storyline, Trailer And More

It is widely considered to be one of the best historical anime series, with fans of all ages (from toddlers to adults) clamouring for its continuation. A petition to have a second season of the program begun by the show’s passionate fan base.

The late-eighteenth century in Japan is depicted in this animated television series. Those interested in prehistoric Japan will be delighted to witness people dressed in kimono and samurai garb, as well as traditional wooden houses and warriors and investigators dressed in samurai garb, all of which combine to provide the perfect recipe for a genuine Japanese cultural experience.

As the series progresses, viewers are increasingly impatient to find out what happens next, and the music has a lasting impact on them, allowing them to daydream about what they’ve just witnessed. Perhaps the creator was aware of the actual yearning of the fan base and was able to successfully relay the experience to the rest of the world through his invention. To be more specific, it is a must-see film that deserves your whole attention.

Release Date Of Onihei Season 2

The anime was broadcast on Studio M2 from January 10th to April 4th of this year. There were a total of 13 episodes in the OVA prequel, which premiered on February 22, 2017 and was shown on the following television networks: TV Tokyo, TVA, TVH, TVQ Kyushu, TSC, TVO, and Jiduigeki Special Channel (in Japanese).

Additionally, on April 15, 2021, Tubi released an English-language version of this excellent anime series, which can be viewed here.

Although everyone was looking forward to hearing when its second season would be published in the second half of 2019, that has not yet occurred. It is impossible to determine when the next season of anime will be released since, like with past seasons, there has been a long history of ambiguity surrounding the release date of the previous season.

Please, please, please supply us with another season as soon as possible, one that is better than anything any of us could have ever imagined.

Onihei Season 2

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Storyline Of Onihei Season 2

Throughout the novel, the main character is Hasegawa taizo (Hasegawa dobutamine), who is the superintendent general of an investigating agency that specialises in theft and arson investigations (Hasegawa dobutamine). Upon his father’s death, he was appointed chief of the Edo Special Police, which was responsible for dealing with arson robberies, for which he had previously worked as a licenced libertine in the city.

When he was 17 years old, he was adopted by a couple from the Hasegawa family, who nurtured him as their own. He felt degraded and ashamed as a result of what his stepmother said to him about him. A result of his disobedience and subsequent banishment, he ascended through the ranks to become head of “The handlooms” and lead an extremely fast and frantic lifestyle in India. He went by the street name “Tetsusaburo” when he was a child, and this became the basis for his stage name Honjo-no Tetsu.

After his father died, a criminal who claimed his inheritance gave him the name onihei (Heizo the devil), which he adopted. He was the leader of a samurai police band, and he utilised penitent criminals as informants to make tough crimes easier to solve. He was given the nickname “Hitsuke tozoku aratamekata” to define himself ( police force for arson and theft ).

As a result, he had an office created within the confines of his official residence.

His demon character did not deter him from being compassionate to people who committed crimes out of necessity or who stayed loyal to him despite their criminal past. He was instrumental in the establishment and management of the ishikawajima ninsoku Toshiba, a juvenile detention centre for troubled youth.

Cast Of Onihei Season 2

Heizo Hasegawa (voiced by kaiju Haruhi) is the chief of the arson thief control office (ATC), and he is a cunning, fair, and brilliant swordsman who investigates and resolves arson and theft offences around Edo.

Tatsuzo Hasegawa, the son of Heizo and Hisae Hasegawa, and played by Daisuke Namikawa, is the key character in the storey.

Heizo Hasegawa’s better half, Hisae, is played by Junko Iwao in the film (wife). Sayaka Senbongi claims that Ojun Hasegawa is the adopted daughter of Heizo and Hisae Hasegawa, and that she is the daughter of the infamous thief Heizo. Omasa, played by Romi Park, used to be a robber before being spared by Heizo and going on to engage in espionage for his information network after being rescued by Heizo During his service with the ATC, he is also a member of the samurai doshins, who employ Karama when necessary.

Yusuke Sakai, an ATC officer who is also a samurai and a chief of the yorikis, is played by Kenji Hamada, who uses Katama in the course of his responsibilities. Yasuhiro Koyonagi, one of the ATC’s samurai of doshins and a character played by Hidenobu Kiuchi, makes use of Karama in the course of his duties. After becoming acquainted with Heizo and becoming a part of his information network, Haikou, played by shozo Iizuka, is recruited to become an espionage agent himself. Kumehachi is a former thief who was apprehended by Heizo and went on to work for the ATC as an okappiki. His voice is provided by Yoshimasa Hosoma.

Trailer Of Onihei Season 2

The trailer for season 3 will not be released until a later date, as was the case with season 2. However, there are still a large number of individuals who are expecting for a second season of the show to be released on Netflix. There’s just one thing we can hope for: that the season 2 trailer will be released soon.

End lines 

The first season of the anime was created as a result of a collaboration between Studio M2 and TMS Entertainment. It was eventually made available on Amazon Prime Video, which was a first for the company. Anime fans and critics alike praised the first season of the show, which ran for six episodes. Both spectators and reviewers have expressed satisfaction with the performance. As a result, fans are certain that the show will return without a hitch.

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