OnePlus 11 Is Launching Globally On 7th February

The OnePlus 11 will be available everywhere on February 7, but OnePlus announced that the flagship phone would be available in China on January 4. The company has also announced almost all of the phone’s specs, like the processor, RAM, and storage, which shows that it will be on par with other high-end phones.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip will be used to power the OnePlus 11. This chip has already been announced for recent Xiaomi and Vivo phones. This chip promises not only the usual speed boosts, but also improvements to AI, camera features, 5G speeds, and graphics, including support for ray tracing.

You’ll get 12 or 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM and up to 512GB of UFS 4.0 storage, and it should come with OnePlus’s Color 13 version of Android 13 right out of the box. Full camera specs haven’t been released yet, but we can see three cameras on a round module with the Hasselblad name in the middle.

Along with the phone, which is shown in green and black colors, OnePlus is expected to show off the Buds Pro 2 and TWS earbuds on January 4, and also internationally in February. We should find out all the details (maybe except for the prices in other countries) at the event on January 4, but you’ll have to pay close attention because CES 2023 is happening at the same time.

OnePlus 11 5G and Buds Pro 2 event set for February 7th

OnePlus has announced when its best products for 2023 will be shown off for the first time. On February 7, the Cloud 11 event will take place in New Delhi, India. The company will show off the OnePlus 11 5G, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, and more.

OnePlus 11 Is Launching Globally On 7th February
OnePlus 11 Is Launching Globally On 7th February

Along with the date of the event, OnePlus said that its next flagship phone would have a couple of fan-favorite features. The Alert Slider, which makes it easy to switch between silent, vibrate, and alert modes, will be back on the OnePlus 11. You can also expect the camera system to be tuned by Hasselblad. Both of these features were on the OnePlus Pro 10, but neither of them was on the cheaper OnePlus 10T.

The company said that the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 will offer “full-bodied, stereo-quality sound with crystal clarity.” OnePlus said there would be more to show than just the phone and earbuds.

OnePlus recently said that some of its 2023 phones would get major OS updates for four years. With its next flagship devices, the company will try to make a big splash. Even though the company’s original goal was to make competitive smartphones that it could sell for less than market leaders, it has moved further into the “premium” category since then. For example, the OnePlus 10 Pro cost $899.

The event is being held during a busy time of year for the brand. Even though CES will be over a few weeks before, OnePlus will show off its best products around the same time that Samsung is expected to show off its Galaxy S23 lineup. Even though the brand has gone through a lot of changes recently, OnePlus may once again get lost in the crowd.

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OnePlus promises four years of major OS updates for some 2023 phones

OnePlus is joining the list of Android companies that promise to support their products for a longer time. Oppo says that “selected” phones that come out after 2023 will get major OxygenOS updates for four years. They will also get security updates for five years. The company hasn’t said what devices it will focus on, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it chose high-end phones like the OnePlus 11 series, which isn’t even an official name.

OnePlus 11 Is Launching Globally On 7th February

The phone company also gave a sneak peek at some of the features that will be in OxygenOS 13.1 when it comes out in the first half of 2023. The new software will have an updated always-on display that works with Spotify, AI-guided memory management that improves performance, Dolby Atmos-based spatial audio (built with Google and Dolby), a second-generation private data space, and a new design language called “Aquamorphic.”

The policy makes OnePlus the same as Samsung, which said that flagship phones would get four years of Android updates and five years of security fixes. With the Pixel 6 family, Google started giving security updates for five years, but it only promises new versions for three years. Apple usually makes major changes to iPhones every five years, and sometimes they make essential security fixes for older models.

If you want your phone to have the latest software features for as long as possible, you might want to think about making the pledge. It’s still common for other Android brands to offer fewer updates, and Motorola was criticized when it said at first that the Edge line would only get one update in 2020. As with Samsung, you can’t expect this kind of durability across the board. If you can only afford a cheap phone, you may have to settle for less.

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