Omicron infections expected to fall from late February, says Fauci

Infecções pela ômicron devem cair a partir de final de fevereiro, diz Fauci

| Photo: EFE

Main United States government epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci

, showed optimism this Sunday (23) about the possibility that the omicron variant of the coronavirus will reach its peak in the country in mid-February and, from that moment on, begin to have a drop in infections. “I’m as optimistic as possible. With this virus, you can never sin by being over-optimistic,” Fauci said in an interview with ABC.

“But if you look at what happened in South Africa, the UK, Israel or even here in New England, the peak is over and infections are decreasing very fast”, continued Fauci.

The governor of the state of New York, Kathy Hochul , announced last Friday (01 ) that the positivity rate for the coronavirus was 9,75%, confirming the drop in the case rate, after reaching 23% one week. “Positivity is dropping and for the first time since 20 December we returned to single digits”, said the governor.

In this sense, she highlighted that the trend of new cases dropped 23 % in the last few weeks and that on Thursday there was 28.296 New positive diagnoses.