T- Rex Gameplay: How To Hack The Hidden Chrome Offline Dinosaur Game?

If you know how to hack the Chrome offline dinosaur game, you can add a new element to it. This simple but challenging browser-based game was made to keep Chrome users entertained when their internet went down, but it can now be played at any time.

In the Chrome Offline dinosaur game, you guide a T-Rex across a side-scrolling landscape, trying to avoid obstacles and keep the dinosaur running as long as possible.

You might be surprised that there are ways to cheat at such a simple game, but there are. You can make the dinosaur run slower or faster, jump lower or higher, and, best of all, make the T-Rex immune to obstacles.

Here, we’ll show you how to use these hidden changes to make Chrome’s hidden endless runner game really last forever. But first, if you’ve never played the game before, here’s a quick explanation.

Chrome Offline Dinosaur Gameplay

When a user tries to go to a web page while not connected to the Internet, Google Chrome shows a pixelated Tyrannosaurus rex on the page and tells the user that they are not connected to the Internet. The game can then be started by pressing space on a desktop computer, or by tapping the dinosaur on an Android or iOS mobile device. You can also type chrome:/dino or chrome:/network-error/-106 into the Omnibox to get to the game.

During the game, the Lonely T-Rex keeps moving from left to right across a black-and-white desert, and the player must jump or duck to avoid obstacles like cacti and Pteranodons.

 If you press space or tap the dinosaur on a mobile device, the dinosaur will “jump.” If you press the key, the dinosaur will “duck.” As the game goes on, the speed of play slowly speeds up until the player hits an obstacle, which ends the game right away

Once the player gets to about 700 points, the game changes from dark grey graphics on a white background to light grey graphics on a black background. This represents the change from day to night, with daytime sky graphics becoming nighttime sky graphics.

How To Hack The Chrome Offline Dinosaur Game?

You don’t have to wait till you’re offline to enjoy Chrome’s hidden dinosaur game; you can play it right in the browser. These are the rules of the game.

Playing The Game

1. In Chrome’s address bar, type chrome: dino and press Enter. This will show a picture of a dinosaur with the words “Press space to play” next to it.

To start the secret dinosaur game, press the space bar on your keyboard.

Offline Dino Game
Offline Dino Game

2. The game couldn’t be easier to play. Keep pressing the Spacebar or the up arrow key on your keyboard as the dinosaur runs through the desert to make it jump over the cacti. When you hit one, you’re out of the game.

As you play, the game gets faster and the cacti get bigger and more frequent.

Offline Dino Game

3. When you reach 500 points, pterodactyls will fly towards you, giving you another thing to avoid.

You can jump over these or duck under them by pressing the down arrow key.

Offline Dino Game

4. When you get to 700 points, the dinosaur game changes to dark mode, with white graphics on a black background. When you get to 900 points, it goes back to normal mode.

This happens again at 1,400 points and every multiple of 700 points after that.

Night mode

5. Press the Alt key on your keyboard to stop the game. You can also press F11 to stop playing and go to full-screen mode. To get back into the game, click your screen.

How To Hack The Chrome Offline Dinosaur Game: Change Jump Height And Speed

You can change how high or low the Chrome dinosaur jumps. Or start the T-Rex running faster instead of making it pick up the pace slowly? Then try one of these two tricks.

1. Open the Chrome dinosaur game in your browser. Right-click the page and choose “Inspect” to open the “Developer tools” panel.

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+I on your keyboard or click the Chrome menu button and choose “More tools” and then “Developer tools.”

Game Over

2. Click on the Console tab at the top of the “Developer tools” panel. Type or copy and paste the following code into the Console text box and press Enter to change how high the dinosaur jumps.

Runner.instance .tRex.setJumpVelocity(15)

You can change “15” to a higher or lower number to make the T-Rex jump higher or lower.

Click on the console tab

3. Type or copy and paste the following code into the Console text box and press Enter to change how fast the dinosaur runs.

Runner.instance .setSpeed(1000)

Again, you can change the number “(1000)” to make the pace faster or slower.

Click on the console tab

4. Close the “Developer tools” window and hit the Spacebar to start a new game. You should be able to tell that the way you run and jump has changed.

You’ll also see a new “Start slower” slider at the bottom of the screen that lets you change how fast the game starts.

How To Hack The Chrome Offline Dinosaur Game: Make The Dinosaur Invincible

If you’re tired of cacti and pterodactyls ending your game too soon, you can use a cheat to make you immune to these things and keep your dinosaur running forever. That might make the game less fun, but it will let you play for longer. Here’s how the hack works.

1. As explained in the last section, open the “Developer tools” panel by right-clicking the page and choosing “Inspect,” or by using one of the other methods.

2. Click the Console tab at the top of the panel a second time. Type the following code or copy and paste it into the text box and press Enter:

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

3. Now, type or copy and paste this code into the Console text box and hit Enter:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function (){}

Now, the “Game over” button will no longer work in the game, making the Chrome dinosaur invincible.

Dino Game

4. Close the “Developer tools” panel and press Space to start a new game.

Now, the T-Rex can run right through cacti and pterodactyls without getting hurt. It can run for a very long time, and your score can keep going up to amazing new heights.

Dino Game

5. Being invincible can get boring after a while, so you might want to switch back to a real game.

To do this, go back to the “Developer tools” panel and open the Console again. Type the following code or copy and paste it, then press Enter:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

code of game

If you start a new game, you’ll find that the Chrome dinosaur can now be killed by obstacles again, just like its ancestors 65 million years ago.

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