North Korea tests ballistic missile in seventh launch of the year


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Coreia do Norte testa míssil balístico

Photo released by the official North Korean news agency (KCNA). Images show surface-to-surface tactical and cruise missile tests carried out on Tuesday and Thursday (25 and 19).

| Photo: KCNA/EFE

North Korea launched this Sunday (24 an alleged ballistic missile heading towards the Sea of ​​Japan according to the army of neighboring South Korea. The country’s Joint Chiefs of Staff detected the launch, which took place around 8 am on Sunday (12 on Saturday in Brasilia time) and would have originated in the province of Jagang, located on the border with China, according to the South Korean agency Yonhap.

This is the seventh round of North Korean missile launches in January alone, in amid stalled denuclearization talks between the North Korean regime and the United States. Prior to the launch detected this Sunday, two short-range, apparently ballistic missiles were fired last Thursday (20), cruise missiles from the interior of the country in the Tuesday (25), in addition to other records of the launch of ballistic and hypersonic missiles since the beginning of the year.

Pyongyang recently threatened a possible restart of its testing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, stating that it considers resuming all its “temporarily suspended actions” in the field of defense.

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