North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Takes a Leap With Unlikely Presidential Campaign

Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota has almost no national profile. He emphasized his small-town roots as he began his longshot presidential candidacy on Wednesday.

“It should come as no surprise that small-town values have guided me my entire life; small-town values are at the heart of America,” he said at a campaign announcement event in his home state. “And, quite frankly, big cities could use more ideas and values from small towns right now.”

He stated that the economy is the “absolute top priority” for America.

“Right now, the world and our economy are changing rapidly, and how we respond will define our future,” Burgum added. “For the changing economy, we need new leadership.”

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Takes a Leap With Unlikely Presidential Campaign

Burgum, relatively unknown nationally, has recently adopted various extreme measures in his state, including legislation prohibiting ab0rtion after six weeks of pregnancy — even in cases of rape or incest — and prohibiting transgender women and girls from participating in sports.

He did, however, oppose a bill that would prohibit educators from using transgender pupils’ preferred pronouns, stating that “the teaching profession is challenging enough without the heavy hand of state government forcing teachers to take on the role of pronoun police.”

Burgum, a native of North Dakota, previously worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Later, he started Great Plains Software, a technology firm that Microsoft eventually purchased.

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He was elected to his current position in 2016, easily defeating Democratic and Libertarian challengers. His term started in 2020 and will finish in December 2024.

“Let’s get back to common sense,” Burgum declared Wednesday. “Let’s cut red tape, control inflation, cut taxes, lower the cost of living, and help every American reach their full potential.”

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Burgum also slammed President Joe Biden, saying the incumbent president “has got to go.”

“And we all know Joe Biden isn’t doing his job and frequently worsens matters.” Gas costs are too high, and the Biden administration implements measures that increase our reliance on foreign oil.”

In 2016 and 2020, Burgum supported former President Donald Trump. But now he’ll compete against him and several other Republicans in the crowded Republican field. Burgum, according to the Washington Post, has already begun recording campaign advertisements.

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