Nogales Has Power outage After Severe Blackout

NOGALES, Arizona- The Nogales School District canceled all classes on Wednesday, February 1, due to a power outage affecting many communities in southern Arizona.

Additionally, it was stated by the city of Nogales that all city offices and services would be suspended until the electricity is restored. Both the police department and the fire department in Nogales will continue to be operational.

Nogales Has Power outage After Severe Blackout
Nogales Has Power outage After Severe Blackout

On Wednesday morning, nearly 20,000 UniSource Energy clients did not have electrical service access.

The Nogales Unified School District posted information regarding the incident below from their Facebook page-

The outages affected areas along the I-19 corridor from Amado to Nogales and place east, including Patagonia, as shown by the map for the UniSource failures.

There was no immediate information available regarding the cause of the power loss. Officials from UniSource have stated that the incident occurred in a remote location that was difficult to access for the heavy equipment required to make repairs.

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