Have No Access of The No Street Fighter 6 Beta? Must Be Aware of This!

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Street Fighter 6 closed beta test, as many players and fans are looking forward to trying out the game in the comfort of their own homes. It’s unfortunate that not everyone who applies will be able to take the test because it’s a “closed” test, as the name implies.

Even though some people are rejoicing online because they were granted access to the beta many others are venting their disappointment in being left out of the program on Twitter. Many people in the fighting game community are finding solace in the creation of memes about their disappointment at being left out of the Street Fighter 6 beta. We’ve compiled a few of the finest examples we could find online.

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Street Fighter 6 beta

These hilarious memes are here to help those players who weren’t chosen for the closed beta this time get over the disappointment. There’s a wide variety of memes in this collection from old favorites to people who came up with brand-new memes to express themselves. Depending on the person, reactions can range from outright anger to grudging congratulations to those who made the cut.

Just outside the fence is a Robin Hood joke that works perfectly. Leaving a #SF6beta code for some unfortunate soul? A Twitter user named Sephamus retweeted a GIF showing Robin Hood agitating his cup for a donation of spare change.

Here we have two all-time greats: Squidward watching SpongeBob and Patrick play outside while he’s stuck inside (inspired by Eric Andre’s “Let Me In!”) and the “Let Me In!” meme. These two memes are great ways to convey the genuine emotion of missing out on the beta while your friends enjoy it.

This completely fictitious rejection message is priceless. Those who visited the site got an email from Capcom saying how grateful they were for the opportunity but this fake email says your “neutral was probably trash anyway” and wishes you better luck next time.

Quick artwork put together by artist Quasimodox depicting a backhand deal in which Mika pays a shady character for a beta code. As of this writing, people are already trading and selling their Street Fighter 6 beta codes on eBay, so Quasimodox’s assessment is on the money.

If two of your coworkers participate in the beta test and you choose not to, what will happen? You’ve got that Homelander expression from The Boys down pat. That’s exactly right.

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