Nikola Jokic Wife: What Is The Background Or Profession of Natalija Jokic?

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic can always rely on his wife, Natalija Jokic, to be in the stands.

Although the couple married in October 2020, Natalija has been by Nikola’s side since they were teenagers. She relocated to Denver with Nikola when he joined the Nuggets in 2015, and she has been cheering on the two-time NBA MVP from the sidelines ever since.

Natalija is now frequently seen at Nikola’s games with their daughter Ognjena. According to the Associated Press, Natalija posted a photo on Instagram in March 2023 of Ognjena holding Nikola’s game ball from his 100th triple-double, which only five other players in NBA history have ever achieved.

When Nikola broke another NBA record that April (he became the first NBA player to average 25 points, ten rebounds, and five assists in his first 50 career postseason games, according to Sports Illustrated), Natalija and Ognjena were there to cheer him on, with Ognjena wearing a jacket with Jokic’s name and number on the back.

Having the support of his wife and children has been essential to Nikola while he competes in the NBA.

“I think all of us who have a wife and children should be happy with the people we have beside us,” he said in January 2023 to Serbia’s Arena TV. “When you have a normal life, it lifts you up and only helps you.”

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Natalija Jokic and Nikola Share a familiar Hometown of Sombor, Serbia

Natalija and Nikola are from Sombor, Serbia, a tiny town of around 47,000 people in the country’s northwest. Even though the couple has been in Denver since 2015, Nikola frequently speaks fondly of their homeland.

“It’s a very small town in northwest Serbia.” “We have really beautiful nature,” Nikola told SLAM magazine. “But it’s just that I like the people there.” It feels like family.”

When Nikola and Natalija first relocated to Denver for his NBA career, they brought one small piece of home. According to Bleacher Report, they hung a little black-and-white portrait of Kralja Peter, Sombor’s main street where they would spend summer nights and enjoy ice cream.

Nikola Jokic Wife

According to the Denver Post, the pair frequently return to Sombor during the NBA off-season. Nikola earned his second consecutive MVP award from a horse stable in Sombor in May 2022, with several of his Nuggets’ coaches there, thanks to a surprise visit that Natalija helped arrange.

Nikola has also claimed that whenever he retires from the NBA, he and his family will return to Sombor permanently.

“I’m going back there after my career ends,” Nikola said. “It’s super slow — not much going on — but you have everything.”

You have a canal and nature; you may find serenity outside the city. I just want to be somewhere where I can drive a car without using navigation. Isn’t there no place like home? Something along those lines.”

Natalija Jokic And Nikola Have Been Sweethearts Since High School

Natalija and Nikola had been together since they were teenagers, with Natalija posting a flashback photo of the couple on her Instagram in October 2012, when they were both 17 years old.

Natalija posts pictures of them on social media daily, commemorating their travels and critical life events such as their wedding and the birth of their baby.

Natalija frequently expresses her love and appreciation for her spouse on Instagram. Natalija tweeted a photo of herself and Nikola in February 2019, the first season Nikola was named to the NBA All-Star team, with the message, “All-Star of my heart.”

Even though Nikola’s basketball career has taken off, the couple has remained grounded. When Nikola was named Western Conference Player of the Month in February 2021, he told reporters he celebrated “with my wife at home.”

“I mean, that’s what I did,” he added.

In Their Hometown, She And Nikola Tied The Knot In October 2020

Nikola and Natalija married on October 24, 2020, in Sombor, Serbia, after getting engaged in January 2020. The wedding was initially planned for June 2020, but it was postponed because the NBA relocated their season to the bubble in Orlando, Florida, due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

On Twitter, a video of Nikola and Natalija at their wedding leaked, showing the NBA star center dancing and singing with his new bride. Natalija also posted numerous photographs from their wedding on Instagram, calling it her “favorite party of all time.”

Nikola has kept a piece of his bride close to him since their wedding day, even when he’s on the road for the NBA. As shown in multiple photographs uploaded on Twitter, the Nuggets center now clips his wedding ring to his sneakers before every game.

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