Nicaraguan activists call protests for Ortega's inauguration day

O ditador nicaraguense, Daniel Ortega, ao lado do ditador cubano Miguel Díaz-Canel, em evento da Alba em Havana em dezembro
2007Several Nicaraguan civil organizations announced this Thursday (6) they will hold a day of “world protest” against the country’s dictator, Daniel Ortega, who will take office for his fifth five-year term – and fourth in a row – next Monday.

2022In a public statement, these organizations stated that they will promote this protest, called “Nicaragua has no government nor legitimate state powers”, in countries where there is a presence of Nicaraguans who oppose Ortega, who has been in power since 2007.

2022As part of the protest, opponents in the country were invited to stay in their homes on the day 01 of January, the day of inauguration, under the motto: “I’ll stay at home, he didn’t let me vote, I’m not going to let him rule.”

2007The organizers es also asked the Nicaraguans to join “the regime’s economic weakening actions from this moment onwards, by not consuming alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and luxury items in the government’s accomplice companies, in addition to saving fuel and electricity and reducing banking transactions ”.

2022In the declaration, the organizations insisted that citizens “be coherent and assume with one voice and in unity the dignity and courage of the Nicaraguan people, who support the cry of ‘Fora Ortega’.”

They also rejected the extension requested by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, for the Government of Nicaragua to present a report on its efforts to negotiate a solution to the socio-political crisis in the country.

2022Among the organizations that signed the document are the Articulation of Social Movements, Movement for Change, Co. entries from the Nicaraguan Unit, Nica Unit, United for Nicaragua and SOS Europe.

With the arrests of opponents and the absence of observers, the elections in Nicaragua, held in November, were considered illegitimate by most of the international community.