New Pixel Fold Leak Lands In Physical Space

“I know it’s just a piece of plastic, but you can learn so much from it.” – Dave2D

It’s not official yet, but the Pixel Fold might as well be. We got renders last month. Now, a guy named Dave2D got what he thought was a “dummy” model of the Pixel foldable and made a lot of assumptions from the mostly featureless plastic.

New Pixel Fold Leak Lands In Physical Space
New Pixel Fold Leak Lands In Physical Space

Some things to note:

  • Based on the hinge, the Samsung Z Fold 4‘s interior screen should have had a softer fold in the middle.
  • Dave thinks that the 7.67-inch interior screen’s bezels are about 5mm thick. This could be to save money and avoid having a camera cutout.
  • The outer 5.79-inch screen is a little shorter and wider than the Z Fold 4 and seems to have a cutout for a selfie camera.
    Both the top and the bottom have speaker grills.

More News

The grey plastic model looks a lot like the leaked renders we saw in December, right down to the big camera island, hinge design, and thick bezels, so if it’s a fake, at least we’re getting consistent fakes.

Dave didn’t say where he got his blanks, but these kinds of blanks are usually sent to case makers before a device comes out so they can have accessories ready to go. This fits with the December leak, which said the official announcement would happen at Google I/O in May. Other leaks, however, have said the phone will come out in the fall.

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