Netflix suspends service in Russia; several corporations have already announced similar measures

Netflix suspende serviço na Rússia; diversas corporações já anunciaram medidas semelhantes

While the Russian attacks continue, Netflix joins other large corporations, such as Apple, Disney and Microsoft, who have announced restrictions on operating in the country | Photo: EFE/ Isaac Esquivel

)From this Sunday (6), the streaming platform Netflix announced that it will suspend its services for Russian citizens as a result of Russian attacks against Ukraine. The information is from the Reuters news agency.

2022No earlier this week, the company had already announced the temporary interruption of all projects and acquisitions in Russia. In addition, Netflix recently announced that it would not add state-owned channels controlled by the Russian government to the platform, despite the fact that there is a regulation in the country that requires the distribution of channels supported by the country’s government.

2022With the decision, the company joins several other large corporations that suspend their activities on Russian soil. Also this Sunday, the social network TikTok reported the partial blocking of services in the country and American Express, a financial services company, announced the interruption of all its operations in Russia. Companies like Apple, Disney, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Visa and Mastercard have also announced similar restrictions in recent days.