Neil Gaiman Has Been Firing Back At Trolls Calling ‘The Sandman’ Series ‘Woke’ — And His Cast Loves It

Even though it took more than three decades for Neil Gaiman’s groundbreaking visual novel series The Sandman to be successfully adapted for the big screen, the author has little tolerance for internet trolls.

The renowned British author has been responding to critics on social media who have taken issue with the so-called “weakness” of the upcoming fantasy series on Netflix, also known as its gender- and color-blind casting.

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These types of acts of defiance are extremely rare to see coming from Hollywood producers. This includes casting a person of color (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) in the role of Death, a non-binary actor (Mason Alexander Park) in the role of Desire, and a female actor (Gwendoline Christie) in the role of Lucifer, the king of hell.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment that took place after The Sandman’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Gaiman explained why he’s engaging with fans who probably weren’t expecting the author to answer their shouts into the void of the Twittersphere. Gaiman’s comments can be found here.

Neil Gaiman Has Been Firing Back At Trolls Calling 'The Sandman' Series 'Woke' — And His Cast Loves It
Neil Gaiman Has Been Firing Back At Trolls Calling ‘The Sandman’ Series ‘Woke’ — And His Cast Loves It

Gaiman adds, “I know the rule, and the rule is that you’re supposed to ignore the trolls, and you’re not supposed to feed the trolls.” “But I would look at individuals speaking off on Sandman who were plainly not fans of Sandman,” she said. “I would look at them. What I would like to see is sixty thousand Sandman fans saying something along the lines of “Of course, you’re doing it this way.”

That’s a fantastic casting choice since Desire has never been binary, so of course, you play a non-binary version of her. Or one may say, “Gwendoline as Lucifer, what wonderful casting!” And then you’d have five or six people trying to make a big deal out of nothing who had never even picked up a copy of Sandman to begin with. And I came to the conclusion that I was done with it for the most part.

There are times when I have the impression that I’m using a gigantic sledgehammer to crush the tiny ants, which is something you really shouldn’t do, “He goes on further. “On the other hand, they are capable of being really annoying at times, and I’m pleased with what we have accomplished. The cast of Gaiman’s show seemed to adore it tremendously.

According to Park, “Neil is a badass.” “He’s one of the most talented living authors of all time, and the fact that we are adapting this in a time when he’s not only completely ingrained in it and completely getting his DNA on every single frame of it, but that he can clap back at people when they say certain things that aren’t necessarily in line with the original context… It’s a testament to the fact that he’s one of the greatest living authors of all time.”

It’s a pleasant surprise because something like that doesn’t happen very frequently. The majority of the time, individuals are too preoccupied with their own lives to cope with the foolishness. However, he is one of the most entertaining people to follow on Twitter simply to watch him troll other users in response. I receive so much delight.”

“As an actor in this, and Neil just having our backs, and just believing in us and believing in this, makes it even more incredible,” says Vivienne Acheampong, who portrays Lucienne. “As an actor in this, and Neil just having our backs, and just believing in us and believing in this,” After hearing of Gaiman’s ardent support of his cast, Christie claims that she contacted him and wrote to him.

The actor who has been in both “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars” reveals, “I wasn’t even aware of any of this until a few weeks ago.” When I found out that Neil had been advocating for us and attempting to safeguard us, I sent him a letter to express my gratitude and let him know how much I appreciated it.

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In addition, the love and sense of duty that he has for his fellow co-creators have a profound effect on me. I acknowledge and appreciate it with every fiber of my being. I know we all do.” On August 5th, The Sandman will make its debut on Netflix.

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