In His Latest Video, MrBeast Donates 20,000 Shoes to South African Children

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, may have just learned that there is always a price to pay for doing something good.

The new American YouTuber is known for his crazy stunts and crazy giveaways. His latest video, in which he gives shoes to 20,000 children in South Africa, has gotten some criticism.

Dextero Shares an official tweet of MrBeast’s viral video-

“For hundreds of thousands of kids in South Africa, the only thing standing between them and an education is a simple pair of shoes,” the YouTuber said in the video. He also said the kids had to walk miles to school barefoot over rough terrain, broken glass, and dirty water.

The social media star and his team went to Johannesburg to meet with a charity called Barefoot No More. The nonprofit makes shoes out of new materials that make them last longer and feel better. The influencer then took 20,000 pairs of sneakers to Cape Town and gave them to the students who needed help the most.

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This is not the first time Donaldson has done something to help others. He launched Beast Philanthropy in October 2020 to leverage the power of his social media platform for good. It now works with many charities to solve both big and small problems. The YouTuber had “helped 1,000 people see for the first time” by, for example, paying for cataract surgery.

Not everyone is a fan, though. Some people on Twitter say that Donaldson does these things mostly to get attention and power. Others say it’s not charity because he makes money from the video. Others criticize his “poorly run charity” and say he doesn’t see the big picture. Band-Aid solutions like this are often criticized because they can’t solve structural problems like poverty, disease, and hunger. We need bigger changes to the system for that. Giving is still giving, though.

People say that MrBeast has always used paid partnerships for his charitable work. Beast Philanthropy says that the YouTuber got his first $10,000 sponsorship deal in June 2017 and gave all of the money away. He seems to have made it so that sharing a video about a good deed brings in money to pay for another good deed. One Twitter user described this as an “infinite money glitch” where “philanthropy pays for more philanthropy.”

One thing’s for certain. The millionaire is spotlighting big issues. As of this writing, 1.2 million people have watched his most recent video, and #MrBeast is trending on Twitter.