MrBeast Arrested For YouTube Prank In Custody

MrBeast is currently the most famous creator on YouTube, surpassing even PewDiePie, who had long been the platform’s number one.

His videos mainly revolve around surprising unsuspecting fans with various gifts or challenging them to complete multiple tasks for him, such as traveling to France to fetch him a baguette.

But this time, MrBeast was the one who was taken off guard by a surprise arrest, ostensibly for tax evasion.

The prank was planned by fellow YouTuber Airrack, who even collaborated with the New York Police Department to make the whole thing more credible.

MrBeast Arrested For YouTube Prank In Custody

The video has received over two million views in less than 24 hours since it was posted. It all starts with Mr. Beast being pulled over while driving about in his luxury Tesla automobile.

He was swiftly handcuffed and driven to a nearby station, seeming astonished but delighted by the incident.

When Mr. Beast was placed in the back of the police cruiser, things went from bad to worse.

In an attempt to obtain information, the police asked if anyone had posed a threat to him, but MrBeast chose to remain silent, refusing to engage in any conversation. Then, Mr. Beast was imprisoned in a holding cell without food or water.

He had to wait impatiently until he was granted permission to make a phone call, at this point, Airrack admitted that it had all been a ruse.

Here’s a tweet from one of the most popular websites, Dexerto, about Cole YouTuber Airrack got MrBeast arrested and put in jail for a prank:-

‘I felt it was real,’ said MrBeast. ‘And then I was thinking, this might be a prank. This is a lot of resources for a hoax, I thought. Okay, wait, I thought as I walked in. Perhaps this isn’t a joke.’

Viewers are now intrigued about MrBeast’s plan to exact his revenge, which he will almost likely achieve.

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