Mother Mourns West Memphis Teen Found Dead in Mississippi Forest

A West Memphis teen was discovered dead in a Mississippi woods on Wednesday, 8 March 2023 and new information is emerging concerning his disappearance and death.

After Fredarrious Wilson, Shirley Howell’s 18-year-old son failed to come home on Sunday,4 March 2023 she filed a missing person’s report on Monday, 5 march 2023.

According to reports, the senior at West Memphis High School told his mother that he was going on a date with a fellow student. But then she found out that he had gone on to be with someone else.

“I’m texting his phone asking him, ‘boy where you at?’ No response. I called, no response. I’m calling, calling, calling back and forth calling, no response,” Howell said.

Howell said that her son Fredarrious was found with gunshot wounds, prompting a multi-agency homicide inquiry. Meanwhile, a family must adjust to their new circumstances.

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Wilson’s mother claims to have seen him and the woman in question at a McDonald’s on Missouri Street in West Memphis, where he was captured on surveillance camera.

Mother Mourns West Memphis Teen Found Dead in Mississippi Forest
Mother Mourns West Memphis Teen Found Dead in Mississippi Forest

“That’s how Mississippi found out who she was, but they not giving us the information, but they have information on the other young lady,” Howell said.

The phone’s location services revealed that Wilson was in the Holly Springs National Forrest in Mississippi, where his body was discovered, according to the investigation by the West Memphis Police. A priori, relatives had searched the region on their own.

“If I would have seen my baby right there, I would have contaminated they crime scene. I would have had to get my baby. I would have to go get him cause that was mines,” Howell said.

The investigation team has not disclosed any probable motive or suspect details. We promise to update you as soon as new details emerge.