Model Abby Choi’s Ex-husband and Relatives Charged With Murder After More Body Parts Found

After examining a residence and a cemetery 26 February 2023 on Sunday, police discovered additional body parts. Three persons have been charged with the brutal killing of Hong Kong resident Abby Choi.

26 February 2023, Alex Kwong Kong-chi, Choi’s ex-husband, father, and brother, were all formally charged with murder on Sunday. Kwong’s mother was charged with interfering with the legal process. All three were supposed to appear in court on Monday.

Police added a fifth suspect to their list in the death of 28-year-old Choi, whose fragmentary remains were found inside a refrigerator on Friday. They also announced the arrest of a fourth suspect.

Model Abby Choi Ex-husband and Relatives Charged With Murder
Model Abby Choi Ex-husband and Relatives Charged With Murder

Police searched a home in the small village of Tai Po and a cemetery in Tseung Kwan O before making their announcement, during which other body pieces thought to belong to Choi were found. A big pot contained a skull, hair, and ribs within the house. To ascertain whether the items belonged to Choi, the contents were removed for forensic analysis.

According to the Source, the victim had a small hole in the back of their skull, which they thought to be proof of a “fatal attack.” Authorities are confident that she was attacked inside the van brought inside the house as evidence.

Denise Tsang tweeted on her official Twitter account on February 26, 2023, and said-

“LIVE- Tai Po MURDER – police and Drainage Services Department officers are searching every sewage manhole near the crime scene for evidence and missing body remains of HK model Abby Choi who was murdered and dismembered. Her head was only discovered this evening.”

Choi, a model and social media influencer with over 100,000 followers, is a mother of two young children. According to reports in the press, Kwong and his family and Choi had financial disagreements totaling tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars.

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The inquiry, according to Supt. Alan Chung had been complicated by the suspects’ reluctance to cooperate.

“We want to find out as much as we can, not just to convict the murderers, but to give an answer to the deceased’s family, and return justice to the deceased,” Chung said.

Their hands and torso of Choi are still missing. Some 10 kilometers from the Tai Po house, at a Lung Mei Tsuen apartment, a refrigerator contained additional limbs thought to belong to Choi.

“We’re still working on many clues,” Cheung said. “When we have any other clues we will do a thorough search again to find the torso and other missing parts of the body.”

Kwong was apprehended on Saturday in Hong Kong during what police claimed was an attempt to leave the city via speedboat. He was allegedly arrested for $4 million worth of pricey watches and HK$500,000 (£53,000). According to the authorities, Choi’s mother cared for Choi and Kwong’s two children.

Choi was a well-known socialite in Hong Kong, and just before the murder, model Abby Choi appeared on the front page of the fashion and luxury lifestyle publication L’Officiel Monaco-

The inquiry is ongoing, so check our website for additional information. The Guardian made the mentioned details available to the public.