Mississippi Man Accused Of Making Threats To Kill a U.S. Senator

A federal judge has rejected bond for a Mississippi man accused of threatening to kill Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) on April 26.

William Carl Sappington, 58, is charged with threatening to injure or kill a United States official. During a preliminary hearing Wednesday in federal court for the Northern District of Mississippi, Magistrate Judge Roy Percy ordered Sappington detained until the case is presented to a grand jury, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reported.

“Mr. Sappington has a history of violent offenses, both felony and misdemeanor and of failing to abide by the conditions of release,” Percy said. “He was on parole for the theft conviction at the time of the new offense.”

According to FBI special agent Jason Nixon’s evidence, Sappington traveled to the Hickory Flat property of George Wicker, the senator’s cousin, on April 26.

“Sappington reportedly said he intended to kill Roger Wicker because of his involvement in an incident (Sappington) had with law enforcement back in 2014,” Nixon said.

Sappington was arrested in February 2014 for severe assault on his brother. When he attempted to flee, he was bitten by a police dog. According to the Daily Journal, authorities eventually brought him to a trauma center hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, to be treated for injuries received during his arrest.

He opposed to being transferred over state lines without a hearing and believed he was being abducted, according to FBI special agent Matthew Shanahan in an affidavit.

Sappington was just freed from prison for stealing items valued at more than $10,000. According to the newspaper, he tried unsuccessfully to get an attorney to represent him in his 2014 arrest.

Wicker has served in the United States Senate for Mississippi since 2007.

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