Microsoft Releases New Bing With ChatGPT Software

Microsoft has announced a new version of Bing that uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence. The change uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, which has been a massive hit around the world since it came out last year.

The move is the biggest threat to Google’s position as the leader in web search, and it signals the start of a race between the two companies to improve their AI.

“The race starts today,” Microsoft boss Satya Nadella said.

OpenAI, which Microsoft backs, made ChatGPT. It uses deep learning techniques to respond to search queries in a way that sounds like a person. Mr. Nadella said it would change how people search online and how they use much other software.

“This technology will reshape pretty much every software category we know,” he said.

Bing will now provide more detailed answers to search queries instead of providing website links. Users can also chat with the bot to make their questions more specific. More answers that make sense will be added on the right side of the search page.

Microsoft Releases New Bing With ChatGPT Software
Microsoft Releases New Bing With ChatGPT Software

The new Bing search engine will be available immediately, but each person can only do a certain number of searches.

The news comes a day after Google shared information about Bard, its new chatbot. Both businesses are working hard to get their products out on the market.

In a note to investors after the announcement, analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities said he thought that Microsoft’s investment would “massively boost” the firm’s ability to compete.

“This is just the first step on the AI front … as [the] AI arms race takes place among Big Tech,” he said.

Microsoft has put billions of dollars into artificial intelligence and was one of the first companies to back OpenAI in San Francisco.

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Last month, it said it would keep working with OpenAI as part of a “multiyear, multibillion-dollar investment.”

Since then, it has announced a new premium level of its messaging software, Microsoft Teams, that will include ChatGPT and a feature that automatically makes meeting notes and highlights.

Microsoft said that Bing would use OpenAI technology, which is even more advanced than the ChatGPT technology shown last year. It will also add these features to its Edge web browser.

Microsoft Releases New Bing With ChatGPT Software

Analysts say that ChatGPT, which students have used to pass exams and tests, has the potential to change many professions, including journalism, completely.

But it has been called out for giving incorrect answers with confidence. It also works with datasets that are usually scraped from 2021 or before. This means that many of the answers it provides can seem old.

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