Michael Oher Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Michael Oher is well-known for the movie The Blind Side, which is based on his life. Michael Oher, who grew up in a broken home and went from poor to rich, has inspired many people to follow their dreams and work hard no matter what. But do you know the person behind the story, especially when it comes to how much is Michael Oher Net worth?

Michael Oher’s Net Worth

Michael Oher is an American football offensive tackle with a net worth of $16 million. Oher’s story was told in “The Blind Side,” a 2009 movie that won an Oscar and starred Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw. Quinton Aaron played the part of Michael.

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Michael Oher’s Contracts And Salary

Oher played in the NFL and made $34.17 million while there. His first deal was a rookie deal with the Ravens. He spent five seasons there and made a total of $13,495,000 during that time.

Michael Oher Net Worth
Michael Oher Net Worth

He made $5 million in his one season with the Titans. In his two years with the Panthers, he made an extra $14,675,000. In terms of guaranteed money, he made $19.31 million in the NFL, which is a good amount for an offensive tackle even by today’s standards.

Outside of the NFL, the former tackle made other money, like $10 million in royalties from “The Blind Side.”

Michael Oher’s Career

Michael Oher stopped playing for the NFL in 2017 but still works for free at an agency. He became well-known mostly because he played football for different teams. He started playing football in his freshman year of high school.

Oher was a guard for the Ole Miss Rebels at the University of Mississippi. He played in 10 games before moving to the left tackle position. He got better at football and in school at Ole Miss. As a sophomore, he made the honor roll.

At the beginning of 2008, Oher decided to quit school and join the military. He changed his mind a few days later and returned to school to finish his senior year. Oher got his degree in Criminal Justice in 2009, the same year that The Blind Side came out. Even though his football career wasn’t as successful as some, he still made a name for himself.

Michael Oher’s Awards

The Supremo sowl LVI was given to Michael Oher as a prize. The Jacob Locking Award was given to him in 2008. In 2008, he was given the Unanimous Ill-American of the Year award. In the first season of 2007 and 2008, he did this. In 2006, he was part of the second-place team. In 2008, when he won the Hugo Award for best novel, he won the world’s top poetry and regional awards.


Michael Oher, an offensive tackle for the American football team, is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million, according to celebrity net worth. The information above is about Oher’s net worth, contracts, awards, and a lot more. We hope this information helps you. If you think it’s interesting, make sure your friends know about it, and keep checking back to NogMagazine.com  for more details.