Miami Beach Condo Evacuated

Miami Beach Condo Evacuated After City Inspection

A Miami Beach, Florida, condo building was evacuated Thursday after a structural assessment. It’s less than two miles from the scene of last year’s catastrophic Surfside condo collapse.

The Port Royale building was given an evacuation order this week as part of its 50-year recertification. City officials told CNN that the order came after a report from the building’s structural engineer showed “excessive deflection” in a concrete beam in the garage. A year after the Surfside condo fell, the people who care about them have seen laws and millions of dollars, but not many answers.

Photos in an inspection report given to CNN showed that the Miami Beach building had structural damage and water leaks near electrical connections.

Miami Beach Condo Evacuated
Miami Beach Condo Evacuated

During an inspection 10 months ago, structural engineers also found “several areas of concern that were set as priorities to be fixed,” the inspection report said. On October 27, a second check showed a half-inch bend and that a crack that was supposed to be fixed had “extended.”

Inspectors say it could take 10 days to fix the building so that it can be checked again to see if people can move back in. “The City of Miami Beach posted an Unsafe Structure notice on 6969 Collins Avenue yesterday, telling residents they had to leave right away,” a city spokesperson told CNN in an email. The notice was based on a report from the building’s structural engineer.

“As required by the city code, the tenant relocation ordinance applies to those who rent in the building.”

The order at 6969 Collins Avenue comes more than a year after 98 people died when a large part of the Champlain Towers South building in nearby Surfside fell in the middle of the night in June 2021, killing a lot of people.

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