Does Menards Accept Apple Pay In-Store? (Complete Guide 2023)

Menards is a chain of stores that sells showrooms. It has over 280 showrooms in more than 14 US regions. It is well-known for the interior designs it does for its clients. The showrooms are amazing and try to get your attention. On the other hand, Apple Pay is a well-known app for buying and selling things.

Apple Pay is used for transactions that don’t need a cashier. Getting things done is safe and secure. You don’t have to carry your cards, cash, or checks when you use Apple Pay. Apple Pay is used by more than 383 million people worldwide.

People from all over the world use it a lot. In this article, we’ll find out if Apple Pay works at Menards. If so, how should I use it? And if they don’t, why not?

Does Menards Accept Apple Pay In-Store? 

As we all know, Apple Pay is the most popular app for making payments. Day by day, more and more people are using it. Everyone is starting to use Apple Pay to pay for things because it is safe, quick, and reliable.

Does Menards Accept Apple Pay In-Store
Does Menards Accept Apple Pay In-Store

But you’ll be surprised to learn that Menards doesn’t take Apple Pay right now. So you can’t pay with Apple Pay online or in-store because that’s against Menards’ policy.

Menards does, however, accept other ways of payment. This article will tell us about them.

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Why doesn’t Apple Pay work at Menards?

It sounds strange when someone says that a brand doesn’t take Apple Pay. You might think that because Apple is a top platform for transactions, no brand or store can refuse to use it.

And, of course, we’re people, so it’s natural for us to wonder about the things we like the most. You can see that Menards doesn’t accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay, so there may be other reasons. There are a few explanations. First of all, Menards is not a member of the Merchants Clients Exchange (MCE).

In contrast to Target or Walmart, Merchant Client Exchange is a group of companies that have made mobile banking apps.

Menards still doesn’t have a banking application for Merchant Client Exchange, so it can’t take any online payments.

Menards has worked with some other big companies and enabled Apple Pay users to use their wallet with Apple Pay. Menards also allowed MasterCard and Visa card users to do the same.

These are why Menards does not accept contactless payments right now. Menards will use one of these ways to pay in the future.

When Will Menards Start Accepting Apple Pay?

Menards doesn’t take Apple Pay because of the things we talked about above. But in the future, Menards will still take Apple Pay.

The future is hard to predict, and Menards’s attitude toward Apple Pay shows that they are not in the mood to accept Apple Pay or any other contactless payment right now. If you want to pay with Apple Pay, Menards seems to want you to be happy.

At this point, you can’t say that Apple Pay or any other contactless payment will be accepted at Menards. If you still want to pay without touching the card reader, you can ask the salesperson if he accepts Apple Pay.

You can pay him with Apple Pay if he accepts it. If he doesn’t, you’ll have to use your cards or whatever other payment options are available at that time. People haven’t seen the future yet, though.

Menards may start taking Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods and bank applications through Merchant Client Exchange. So the choice is up to Menards.

How To Pay Menards?

There’s no question that payment can be made in ways other than contactless.

But in the world we live in now, it is clear that brands that don’t accept contactless payment methods from other companies work on making their own. For instance, if you look at HEB Go or Konger Pay, you can buy things at their stores, but you can’t use any other contactless app.

But we already know that Menards hasn’t accepted any Merchant Client Exchange banking applications, so it can’t make and use its contactless payment system.

But, as usual, you can also pay with a VISA card, a Master card, an American Express card, a Discover card, or a Menards Big card.

So, these are some of the traditional ways to pay that Menards accepts.


Showrooms are what Menards is known for. Menards doesn’t accept Apple Pay or other payment apps because it doesn’t have a Merchant Client Exchange banking app that lets it accept contactless payments.

It happened for more than one reason, but that was one of them. Speculations about Menards today say that the store won’t accept any contactless payment method, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and any other contactless payment app.

However, it accepts VISA cards, Master cards, American Express cards, Discover cards, and Menards Big cards. You can pay for something at Menards with any of these options.

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Does Menards take phone payments?

Menards doesn’t accept any contactless payment apps or methods, so you can’t pay with your phone there.