Maxi Jazz Cause of Death: Faithless Singer Passes in Age 65!

Maxi Jazz Cause of Death: Along with Sister Bliss and Rollo, the musician and DJ, whose real name was Maxwell Fraser, formed the basis of the dance group. They collaborated on several successful songs, including We Come 1 and God is a DJ.

We are devastated to report that Maxi Jazz passed away quietly at his home in South London last night, according to a statement posted on the singer’s Instagram. He was a man who profoundly altered our lives in numerous ways. He provided our song with the appropriate message and significance.

“He was also a lovely human being with time for everyone and a wisdom that was both profound and accessible. Working with him was an honor and, of course, a true pleasure. He was a brilliant lyricist, a DJ, a Buddhist, a magnificent stage presence, a car lover, an endless talker, a beautiful person, a moral compass, and a genius. Rollo, Sister Bliss & The E-Type Boys.”

Faithless was founded in 1995 and has since released seven studio albums, the most recent of which is All Blessed from 2020. They have also performed as headliners at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage in 2002. They have also published several compilation albums. In 1999 and 2002, the ensemble received nominations for the Brit Award for best British dance act.

Jazz, born in Brixton, also fronted the band Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys and put out music with Soul Food Cafe. He has enjoyed success in his solo career and worked with notable musicians like Robbie Williams on the song My Culture by 1 Giant Leap.

Maxi Jazz Cause of Death

The Faithless band said on Facebook on Saturday that they were “heartbroken to announce Maxi Jazz passed away last night.” He was a person who profoundly altered our lives in many ways.

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Maxi Jazz passed away quietly on December 23, 2022, although the actual cause of his death is still unknown. Details of his funeral, we anticipate, will be released soon.

Who Was Maxi Jazz?

Maxi Jazz, actual name Maxwell Fraser, was a prominent British figure in the early days of rap and hip-hop. He was born on June 14, 1957, in Brixton, London, England. Throughout his illustrious career, he distinguished himself as a groundbreaking rapper, songwriter, DJ, and singer.

Maxi Jazz, a British electronic music performer, is most known for his period from 1995 to 2011 as the vocalist of the band Faithless, whose songs introduced a new level of electronic and dance liveliness to the genre.

Maxi Jazz Cause of Death
Maxi Jazz Cause of Death

Audiences frequently cited his alluring voice and lyrical beauty as crucial components of Faithless’ highly regarded sound. When not singing with Faithless, he contributed his voice to several solo projects and collaborations with musicians including Boy George and Sinead O’Connor.

Maxi was still held in high regard by those who had shown an interest in his work after he left the band in 2011, leaving behind an enduring legacy that has subsequently motivated succeeding musical generations.

Maxi Jazz Career Journey

Jazz founded The Soul Food Cafe System as his home base in 1984 before learning about hip-hop a year later. In the Soul Kitchen with DJ Maxi Jazz on Reach FM London in 1985–1986 is where he later premiered the sounds of hip hop. He then relocated to LWR pirate radio station in 1987, and the following year, he had great success after The Soul Food Cafe Band was signed to Tam Tam Records, the dance division of Savage Records.

Jazz later established his independent label, Namu Records, in 1992 to release three EPs that were the outcome of his cooperation with The Soul Food Cafe Band. Jamiroquai, Soul II Soul, Galliano, and Jason Rebello, among others, gave live concerts in the following cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Switzerland, and Brazil, respectively. Revco Records proudly distributed “Original Groovejuice vol.1,” their debut album, through Namu Records in 1996.

Tributes to Maxi Jazz

Jazz was described as a “nice man” by reggae band UB40 as they recalled traveling with him in 2017 with his band Maxi Jazz & The E-Type Boys. Peter Dalton, a radio DJ whose real name is MistaJam, remembers meeting Jazz and feeling that he was the “kindest man with such an aura about him” afterward.

He added in his tribute on Twitter: “His words and performances touched so many of us and he’ll be sorely missed. Love to @thesisterbliss and the whole @faithless family. Rest in Power Maxi Jazz!” DJ David Pearce also reminisced on how Faithless changed so many lives and became an “iconic force in UK dance music” yet Jazz maintained a “warm, cool, pleasant spirit” during their ascent to prominence, earning him the title of “dance music’s poet.”

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