Martha Stewart Has High Dating Standards But isn’t Ready to ‘Take Care of a Man Full-time’

Martha Stewart is quite content with simply looking after herself. In a recent interview with E! News, the businesswoman explained that she has high dating expectations even though she knows “a lot of eligible men.”

“Guys genuinely want a lady who will care for them,” she explained. “I’m still not in a situation where I can take care of a man full-time because I work too much.”

“If I examine my life, I believe that work precedes romance. I’m having trouble making room for both, and having a partner isn’t my top priority, but it would be good!”

Before divorcing in 1990, Stewart wed Andrew Stewart in 1961. Alexis Stewart, the daughter of the couple, is 57.

According to the cookbook author, having terrible breath and being unkind to others turn off potential dates for her. A man must supply “helicoptering and yachting” to get Stewart to agree to a date.

The 81-year-old shared her morning routine and what she must do before bed.

“I have healthy eating habits,” Stewart said. “Every day, I start with a delicious green juice and grow the vegetables myself. That green juice is full of amazing nutrients and starts my day, but before I even drink the green juice, I’ve been to the Pilates studio with my trainer. Pilates has helped tremendously, I think it’s the greatest thing.”

Martha Stewart has high Dating Standards


“I never go to bed with my makeup on,” she said, “and I thoroughly cleanse my face with a cleansing oil and a warm cloth to remove all traces of makeup.” Earlier this year, Stewart shared a close-up selfie and said “no re-imaging” had occurred, which sparked controversy online.

“Skin looking good after a mostly dry January and pilates @bedfordpilates every other day. By re-imaging, I meant no filtering my selfie,” she added.

While some of Stewart’s fans praised the post with heart and fire emojis, others questioned whether she had done more work than she admits.

In part, one person wrote, “I’m your biggest admirer, but seriously, you have a fantastic surgeon and skin care. That’s OK, but the rest of the general public can’t, so please keep us in mind.”

Still another user said, “Don’t forget to portray aging in all its actuality! Define elegantly… There is nothing wrong with openness! Just stating it isn’t real; call it like it is. You look great!” The lifestyle mogul shared an additional three selfies after receiving backlash.

“These are the other three selfies I took. My expression was better in the first one, but my skin looks great in all of them. Un filtered. No facelift. Great derms my whole life,” she told fans.

“Currently, dr Daniel Belkin and dr Dhaval Bhanusali have great diets. Great exercise, and did I mention amazing facials @mariobadescu for the last forty years!”