Martha Stewart Before And After: What Kind of Plastic Surgery Did She Have?

Martha Stewart is a woman of mystery. Stewart understands how to remain surprising, from her stellar business career to her close association with Snoop Dogg, unexpected arrest, and subsequent stint in prison due to insider trading.

Stewart is also working on a documentary on her life for Netflix, remodeling her kitchen, and baking delicious-looking treats on her YouTube channel.

While Stewart is no stranger to scandal, folks can’t help but wonder how the lifestyle guru has managed to look so lovely over the years.

Indeed, following a snapshot shared to Instagram by the 78-year-old in which she appears more immaculate than average, rumors have circulated that she may have undergone plastic surgery.

If you ask Stewart, she claims she’s had very little work done and that her good looks are due to her healthy lifestyle.

Did Martha Stewart Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Anthony Youn, a self-proclaimed holistic plastic surgeon, believes Martha Stewart may have had more surgery than she admits.

Youn stated, “It appears Martha has had a facelift to tighten her neck, her lips appear to have been plumped, and her face is smooth and wrinkle-free a possible result of Botox and fillers,” according to the National Enquirer. You went on to say that he believes she has spent at least $50,000 on plastic surgery.

Martha Stewart Before And After

While Stewart does not explicitly deny having had work done, she claims it has been minor. In November 2020, she told People magazine that she’s never had a facelift and that her youthful glow results from “two very excellent dermatologists.”

She said she might choose “a few Juvéderm injections here and there” twice yearly. Juvéderm injections, commonly known as filler, are used to “restore facial contours and improve signs of aging” by employing a hyaluronic acid basis and focusing on the cheeks, lips, and around the mouth.

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Stewart Credits Her Appearance To Genetics And a Healthy Lifestyle

Despite her previous assertions that she’s never had anything done other than filler, Martha Stewart spoke candidly about her Botox experience in a 2013 interview with the Daily Mail.

She revealed, “‘I tried Botox. It works for certain things, like skin under the chin, but I don’t want a taut jawline and a quizzical look.”

Take a look at the tweet posted by the Offical account of Fox News:-

Stewart also claims that her youthful appearance is due to basic genetics. She credits her youthful appearance to her “gorgeous man” father and her mother, who looked fresh “until she was 93 years old,” according to People magazine.

She mentions that a healthy lifestyle is another essential part of remaining youthful. “I care about maintaining an aura of good health,” she said, “which is the food I eat.”

Some of the most important things she consumes for her appearance include green juice, which she claims to drink every morning, her own garden-grown vegetables,

she eats mostly fish for protein and has replaced all her flour with nontraditional flour, claiming that white flours aren’t healthy.

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