Marlo Hampton Weight Loss: His Body Shaming Remarks Slammed!

Marlo Hampton was born in Florida, in the United States, on February 7, 1976, to a mother who was Curtis Williams Jr.’s younger sister. Marlo, who was just nine years old when she left her parents, was accepted into a Florida-based foster care system.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, she found herself living with the Hopkins family and a collection of other homes and families. She graduated from First Coast High School in 2005, and from the University of South Florida, she later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She was an authority in integrative science and social work.

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Marlo Hampton Weight Loss

You can tell Marlo Hampton has lost weight if you look at images from the past five years and those from the current. She has never been in better form, with a much more toned figure. Fans want to know how she shed the pounds and changed the way she looked.

There have been ups and downs in the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s fitness journey. When her fitness trainer shared before-and-after images of her on Instagram in 2018, her followers first became aware of her physical metamorphosis. It would be an exaggeration to state that her appearance changed substantially because she had never been overweight, to begin with, and didn’t appear to have much weight to lose.

Marlo Hampton Weight Loss

Even though the improvement was minor, it was noticeable because Marlo Hampton was noticeably more toned and had a more defined body shape in the after-photo. When they saw her in that picture, fans’ jaws dropped.

Her dramatic weight loss change left them speechless, and the trainer claimed that it took a lot of work and commitment. The “noticeable difference” in her physique has been explained by Kory Phillips, the fitness expert who also helped Reginae Carter, Kashdoll, Toya Wright, and Riley Burruss shape their bodies.

Hampton’s trainer, @iamthekingoffitness, wrote on Instagram on Oct. 21, “@marlohampton has been training about 3-4 times a week, intermittent fasting for 16 hours a day AND eating a high protein diet, mid/low carbs & low fats; not to mention wine daily & occasional fried food meals HOWEVER, In less than 30 days, she’s made a noticeable difference on the scale, in her face, her arms & her DEFINITELY some definition in her midsection. #teamlovelybodies #revengebodyexpert #lovelybodiesatlanta #WNM”

Drew Sidora Slams Marlo Hampton Over ‘Body Shaming’ Lipo Comments!

Marlo Hampton was criticized by Drew Sidora for “body shaming” her after her co-star suggested that she get liposuction. “I am sitting here in disbelief that @marlohampton would attack me’ by body shaming and attacking my weight at this crucial time in my life,” Sidora wrote on her Instagram Story Monday.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star admitted that at this time in her life, she’s raising two children while going through a “public divorce” from estranged husband Ralph Pittman and “just dealing with stressful emotional issues.”

“Clearly attacking me, won’t get you very far,” Sidora continued. “If you feel this way about me at this size, I can only imagine what you think about women of all sizes who have weight challenge, illnesses or eating disorders due to comments like yours.” As a simple coda, Sidora said, “All I can say is Shame on you @marlohampton.”

A short while later, Hampton, 47, responded with a clap and mentioned how Sidora, 38, had previously accused her of not being “able to pass a drug test” in an episode.

“@drewsidora you have gone around stating bold face lies about me for almost a year now,” Hampton began. “Anyone who knows me, knows how Anti Drug I am.”

Since “many members of my family suffer from substance abuse issues to this day,” and she “vowed to stay away from drugs” since she was a child, Hampton implied that the claim hit close to home.

“I have watched you assassinate my character all season. Your words have been absolutely disgusting to and about me this past year. Stop it. I laughed to mask the pain,” she concluded.

On Season 13 of the popular Bravo show, some of the women brought up rumours of the procedure, and Hampton later discussed her liposuction and acknowledged having the procedure.

“Yeah I got Lipo, but they got the timeline all wrong 😂That’s what happens when you listen to ‘the streets’. I learned my lesson with that 😉! Please tell their thirsty💦clout chasing source to try again …” she tweeted in April 2021.

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