Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth Wipeout Hits $100 Billion as Meta Misses Again

Mark Zuckerberg net worth dropped by $11 billion after his company, Meta Platforms Inc., revealed a second consecutive quarter of dismal results. This brought Zuckerberg’s total wealth loss to over $100 billion in just 13 months.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Zuckerberg, who is 38 years old, has a net worth of $38.1 billion at the present time. This represents a staggering decline from his highest net worth of $142.1 billion in September of 2021. While the fortunes of many of the world’s richest people have decreased over the course of this year, the chief executive officer of Meta has taken the single most drop among those who are included on the wealth list.

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth
Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth

After never having a quarter with dropping sales until the year 2022, Meta’s revenue experienced a 4.5% year-over-year decline, the second consecutive quarterly dip. While this is going on, the social media platform is funding its own version of virtual reality, which is causing its prices to skyrocket. Thursday’s trading in New York began with a 25% drop in the price of Meta shares. The stock price is currently under $100, which is the lowest it has been since 2016; this compares to its all-time high of $382.

In reference to the company’s emphasis on the metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying, “I know that a lot of people could disagree with this investment.” A year ago, the firm situated in Menlo Park went from being known as Facebook to being known as Meta. He maintained his support for the pivot and referred to it as “fundamentally crucial to the future.”

According to the most recent proxy statement provided by the firm, Mark Zuckerberg has ownership of more over 350 million shares of Meta. At one point in time, he held the third spot on the Bloomberg wealth index, falling behind only Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. As of the end of play on Wednesday, he was ranked 23rd.

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