Manifest Season 4: What the Final Episodes Need to Resolve

The last episodes of the drama about a plane that went missing will be on Netflix sometime next year. Here’s what needs to be finished in the fourth season of Manifest.

Buckle up, Flight 828 passengers. It’s getting close to the end of Manifest. The drama about a missing plane will end with its last set of episodes next year.

When Manifest was canceled by NBC in June 2021, after three seasons, there were still a lot of unanswered questions. Thanks to Netflix, the show was saved. They gave it one last season with 20 episodes to wrap up the story of Flight 828. The first half of the fourth season came out on November 4, and it was the most-watched thing for the first weekend. Season 4A got off to a fast start, and it didn’t take long to wrap up what was left over from season 3. Ben (Josh Dallas) tried to find his daughter Eden, who had been born by Angelina (Holly Taylor) after she killed Grace at the end of the last season. This was a central, overarching theme.

The show’s creator, Jeff Rake, planned initially for six seasons, but he has said that things could change and the show could end after season four. Since three seasons were put into one, the fourth season, especially the second half, had to solve a lot of problems in a short amount of time. Here’s what needs to happen in the last ten episodes of Manifest to ensure the show ends well.

What Is Cal’s Purpose?

In the last episode of the third season, Cal (Ty Doran), who ran away from the Eureka facility, returns just as Grace is dying. The only problem is that he has grown up by five years. Cal’s family tells him that he grew up for a reason, but he doesn’t know what it is. In a Calling, he meets Captain Daly and Fiona, who give him different ideas about whether or not he should “return” from wherever he went. Ultimately, he takes Fiona’s advice and returns because he thinks there’s “more to do.”

Manifest Season 4
Manifest Season 4

Throughout the whole series, it’s clear that Cal’s Callings are part of a bigger plan. He’s the key to solving the entire mystery. So where did he go after leaving Eureka, and why did it make him older? Cal tries to figure out what happened to him, which is problematic because his cancer comes back (more on that later). If Cal can figure out why he was sent away and his ultimate goal, we might be able to figure out the mystery and his role in it a little better.

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What Is Zeke’s Ultimate Fate?

Zeke (Matt Long) can’t seem to get a break. After redeeming himself and beating his death date in the season two finale, Zeke and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) seem like they can finally be happy together. Because Zeke has learned to be more empathetic, he can help the other passengers determine if someone is trustworthy. The reveal initially complicates Zeke and Michaela’s relationship, that she still harbors feelings for her ex Jared (J.R. Ramirez) (J.R. Ramirez). But this plot point is easily solved when Michaela tells Jared she doesn’t want to love him and makes a promise to Zeke.

Manifest Season 4

During season 4A, Zeke makes use of his new abilities. He becomes a counselor who can feel what his clients fust by holding their hands. When he takes on too much of their anger and pain, he relapses and hurts the people he is trying to help. Zeke realizes that he didn’t die on his death date for a reason and needs to use his ability to feel what other people think for good. So when he grabs Cal’s hands as if dying, we know what will happen.

Cal’s cancer spreads to Zeke, and Zeke seems to die while Cal gets better. Zeke is happy with his life because he knows he has made up for all the bad things he has done. We say “seemingly” because Zehadhas died before and returned to life. We don’t know yet if that will be true a second time. In any case, it seems likely that we will see him again.

The mythology Expanded

Flight 828 has been linked to ancient myths and the divine since the first season. Olive (Luna Blaise) found a tarot deck by philosopher Al-Zuras that showed something similar to what happened on Flight 828. She also found a piece of driftwood from Noah’s Ark that had the same minerals as the 828 passengers. The Egyptian goddess of truth and harmony, Maat, is shown on an old piece of paper that gives clues about how the passengers must work together to beat the death date. Lastly, the Callings are thought to be messages from “the divine.”

Manifest Season 4

In the fourth season, the supernatural parts get more complicated. For example, sapphire can be used to make fake Callings. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) can hear everyone’s Callings on the plane’s black box, which suggests that whoever or whatever sent the Callings may want them to be kept. The last episodes are primarily about putting all these mythological pieces into one central theme. So, let’s move on to…

What Happened to Flight 828?

The biggest question that needs to be answered by the end of the series is ame one that has been asked since the beginning. What went wrong with Flight 828? Every episode seems to give a new hint or hint at where the passengers went, but we still don’t have an official answer. Rake has told fans that the team will finish the story now that they know season 4 will be the last.

The Stones and their allies will probably not have a smooth ending. Angelina is still searching for Eden, the person she calls “her guardian angel.” The government broke into the secret lab of Saanvi and Vance (Daryl Edwards). Hate groups that are against 828 are still making threats. All of the pieces of the puzzle about the missing plane are there. All that’s left to do is put them together in a way that makes sense.

We don’t yet know when Manifest season 4B will come out, so all we can do is wait and see if they can come up with a good ending.

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