Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos: Paul Murdaugh Boat Accident Images

New audio and footage from the 2019 boat accident were released by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources two years after the terrible loss of Mallory Beach, a South Carolina teen, at the age of 19. Days after the shocking murder of Paul Murdaugh, 19, charged with Beach’s terrible death, the videos, and audio recordings were made public. In June 2021, he and his mother were shot and died on one of their family’s estates.

The youngest son of lawyer Alex Murdaugh, Paul Murdaugh, faced three charges when he passed away. Ten weeks after this heinous murder, many documents were made public, including audio and video recordings related to the fatal boat collision investigation in 2019. Paul Murdaugh’s death stopped the criminal investigation into Mallory Beach’s murder, and the police are now looking into additional allegations of obstructing the course of justice involving Paul’s powerful family.

Who Was Mallory Beach? Terrible Destiny on the Beaufort River on a Cold Night

Mallory Beach died in a horrific boat accident on February 23, 2019, on the Beaufort River, South Carolina. The person responsible for reportedly crashing his family’s 17-foot boat while intoxicated was Paul Murdaugh.

Beach, a Wade Hampton High School alumnus, was employed by a Beaufort, South Carolina, clothing store. According to her parents, one of her greatest aspirations was to become an interior designer.

Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos
Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos

Beach was with her boyfriend and friends when the tragedy occurred. The Beach was lost, and three passengers fell into the chilly water due to the incident, but the other passengers all made it back to land. Her body was only found five miles from the collision site after eight days of intensive searching with the assistance of local law enforcement.

Together with Paul, his father Alex was also responsible for the catastrophe owing to his irresponsible oversight of Paul’s boat, which was also operating when Paul was intoxicated. Paul was a minor at the time of the tragedy as well.

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Do the New Images and Videos Help in the Investigation?

The Mallory Beach murder inquiry concluded when Paul Murdaugh passed away. The deadly boat crash that occurred on February 23, 2019, close to Parris Island, was briefly shown in the video. The 17-foot Sea Hunt Triton sustained severe damage after the collision, as seen in the images provided by the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. The blood stains caused by the crash are depicted in a different picture.

Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos

According to the reports, the boat struck a piling close to the bridge over Archers Creek. As a result of the incident, Mallory Beach and two other passengers were flung into the chilly water while two passengers managed to flee that misty morning.

Paul Murdaugh’s Alcoholism and Drinking Habits

Photos taken at the crime scene showed that Paul’s drinking problems were to blame for the boat catastrophe. He never allowed anyone else to operate the boat while drunk, tragically resulting in Mallory Beach’s passing.

Mallory Beach Autopsy Photos

Morgan Doughty, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, even admitted that Paul had previously engaged in gross intoxication with his parent’s approval. The young girl’s images show Paul’s father, Alex drinking with the kids on multiple occasions. The officers noticed boxes and coolers filled with alcohol from the photos that were made public years after the tragedy, and even empty cases were found on the boat. The Coroner’s Office took these pictures on February 24, 2019.

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