Love Is Blind Season 3 Honeymoon Location: Where Was The Show Filmed?

Love Is Blind Season 3 Honeymoon Location: Love Is Blind season 3 is finally here, and it’s time to talk about where the honeymoon takes place in the new episode. The season 2 cast from Chicago went on their honeymoon to the TRS Coral Resort in Costa Mujeres, Mexico, which is only for adults. The couples took advantage of everything the resort had to offer, like catamaran rides, private pools with swim-up bars, and sexy massages for two. Deepti Vempati and Shake Chatterjee, who have been busy since filming, also left The Grand Palladium campus to see Cancun’s unique Cenotes. As far as reality TV goes, the Yucatan Peninsula was as good as it gets. But the season 3 cast’s honeymoon was different from the norm.

This year, the cast of Love Is Blind will not be going to the TRS or Mexico. Instead, they will stay closer to home. The Dallas cast of season 3 is going to Malibu, California. Even though season 3 was shot right after season 2, it didn’t go as planned because of logistics and safety precautions. The cast was also supposed to go abroad, but because of COVID-19, the producers had to find a place in the United States. Less danger was involved in making movies in and around Los Angeles than when going abroad. Like the cast of season 2 of The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, the cast of season 3 of Love Is Blind might wish they had filmed in Mexico. Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show’s hosts, said that Malibu, where season 3 will be filmed, will be full of drama and beauty.

SoCal Hosts Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Island USA showed that California is more than sunny enough for “bikini-added” love stories. Even though Malibu isn’t as far away as Costa Mujeres, it seems to have a lot to offer the season 3 cast. The new couple went to the Calamigos Ranch to spend some much-needed time alone. In 1937, J. Grant Gerson built the ranch as a home for his young family. “Come as My Brother, Come as My Friend” is what the Chumash Indian word “Calamigos” means. The red-tiled lobby building has a lot of Bachelor Mansion vibes, and the wooden walkways remind me of Love Island USA. Even though it’s not a tropical Love Is Blind season, it’s still a beautiful time of year. Even if it wasn’t, the lack of humidity probably makes the air more pleasant.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Honeymoon Location
Love Is Blind Season 3 Honeymoon Location

The lush mountain desert oasis is in Malibu’s wine country. It has more than enough pools, water features, and romantic lighting to start a major romance. It makes sense for the Dallas cast and the production to film in Los Angeles. People and customs are moving back and forth between southern California and Texas. In the past few years, a lot of filming has moved out of Los Angeles, but reality TV might be coming back. Malibu and Los Angeles might not feel like the tropics, but they make up for it with easy access and a lot of plants.

Overall, the honeymoon spot for the cast of Love Is Blind looks like it will be more than enough fun. The first four episodes of Season 3 came out last week. The rest will be out soon. The most romantic parts of Love Is Blind season 2 happened at the TRS Coral Resort. We won’t know for sure until time passes if the Malibu honeymoons lead to a love that lasts a lifetime.

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