Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale

When Is The “Love Is Blind” Season 3 Finale? Here Is The Full Schedule List

Love Is Blind Season 3 finally brings back the dating pods, gold wine glasses and endless relationship chaos, but you won’t be able to watch the whole new season at once. As with the first two seasons, the third season of Love Is Blind is coming out in batches, with a few new episodes added to Netflix every week until the big finale. But this season is different in a few small ways. Here’s when you can watch the season 3 finale of Love Is Blind to find out which couples said “I do” and which didn’t make it past the altar.
Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale
Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale

The third season of Love Is Blind started on Wednesday, October 19. The first episode was a little different than the first and second episodes of the previous two seasons. In the past, each new season started with five episodes, but the first week of Season 3 only had four episodes. As that press release might have hinted, the drama in this new season will last a little longer than in the ones before. Instead of putting out the weddings episode as a stand-alone release, it looks like Season 3 will put out the most important episode with the reunion in a final batch.

 Here’s the release schedule for Love Is Blind Season 3:
  • Wednesday, Oct. 19: Episodes 1-4 available on Netflix
  • Wednesday, Oct. 26: Episodes 5-7 available on Netflix
  • Wednesday, Nov. 2: Episodes 8-10 available on Netflix
  • Wednesday, Nov. 9: Episode 11 and the reunion available on Netflix

As in previous seasons, Love Is Blind Season 3 will probably have an After the Altar follow-up to see which couples are still together and which ones have broken up. Fans can probably expect this to air in the first half of 2023, about four to six months after the season finale.

Oh, and after you finish Season 3, there will be a lot more Love Is Blind. Netflix has already picked up Seasons 4 and 5 of the hit reality dating show, so your wine nights on Wednesdays won’t end any time soon.

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