‘Love Is Blind’ Netflix Season 3: Colleen Regrets Flirting With Cole

Spoiler alert! This post tells you about the first seven episodes of Season 3 of “Love Is Blind.” What happens at the pool party never stays at the party. Even more so if there are cameras there.

Some of the contestants on Season 3 of Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” (the first seven episodes are now streaming) are finding out the hard way. “Love Is Blind” is a reality show where people get engaged without seeing each other first and get married after only four weeks of living together.

Colleen Reed, a ballet dancer and Cole Barnett, a real estate agent, met up again during a trip to Malibu with their other castmates in Episode 5, which came out on Wednesday. The two went on a few dates in the “pods,” which are small rooms where contestants talk to each other through walls without being able to see each other. In the end, though, they decided they weren’t a good match. Instead, they got engaged to other cast members: Cole to flight attendant Zanab Jaffrey and Colleen to Matt Bolton, vice president of a company that makes aerospace products.

Colleen and Cole were going to say no to each other, but when they took off their clothes at a pool party and started drinking, they seemed to change their minds. Cole told Colleen that she looks just like the kind of girl he usually dates while their fiancés were away. Colleen told him that he was cute and that she would go out with him in the “real world.”

Did Colleen and Cole make a mistake? The repercussions

When Zanab and Matt found out that their future spouses had been romantic, they weren’t too happy. During a big fight, Matt said Colleen was trying to trick him and threatened to leave her. Cole made things worse when he tried to explain himself to Zanab by giving her a “9 out of 10” for looks and a “10 out of 10” for Colleen.

Love Is Blind Cole And Colleen

Both couples worked out their problems in the end, but Colleen told USA TODAY that she regrets how she dealt with Cole.

“There was definitely more to the conversation that wasn’t shown (in the episode),” Reed said over Zoom earlier this week. “I mentioned that there’s a reason why Matt and I are together and Cole and I aren’t.” “When Cole opened the door to flirting, I felt very awkward and didn’t know what to do. So I tried to make the situation nice and said nice things. I know now that that was a very bad idea.”

“Matt, Zanab and I have talked about it and we’ve all moved on,” she says. “I had no plans to try to step over the line in any way.”

Nancy, Bartise And pregnancy views

Back in Dallas, the bride-to-be, Nancy Rodriguez, who is 31 years old, had some tough talks with her fiancé, Bartise Bowden, who is 25 years old. The couple talked about having kids, and Nancy said that the older she gets, the more she worries about getting pregnant.

She asked Bartise if he would think about having an abortion on a baby with birth defects. He told her, “No.” But Nancy said that as a speech pathologist, she has seen the emotional toll that birth defects can have on children and their families.

“If I knew I could try again and hope it would go better the second time, I would do that,” Nancy says to Bartise.

Rodriguez says now, “I’m so glad we had that straightforward talk.” “Even though we have different ideas, he didn’t shut me down. In that way, we’re both pretty respectful.”

But later, when Nancy was meeting Bartise’s parents and sister for the first time, he brought up the subject of abortion again. When the conversation was over, there was an awkward pause.

Rodriguez says, “He threw it back in my face and talked about it in front of his family, which I did not like at all.” “He might have told me before he went on camera that he was going to talk about this with his family. I was very surprised by that.”

Before the Season 3 finale on Nov. 9, there will be three more new episodes of “Love Is Blind” to watch online next Wednesday.

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