Lori Loughlin: It’s Still Hard To Believe Bob Saget Is Gone During IG Live With John Stamos

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, Netflix’s ode to the late Bob Saget, brought four of his closest friends together electronically for a virtual memorial. On Friday, John Stamos went live on Instagram with Lori Loughlin, Jeff Ross, and John Mayer, as well as his Full House co-stars. While chatting, the four actors reminisced about their time working with Saget and the new Netflix special that debuted on Friday.

During the live webcast, Ross, 56, remarked, “He always wanted a Netflix special.” Funerals haven’t been broadcast live on television since Lady Diana’s, so it’s “bittersweet, but I think he’d be proud of it,” said one friend of Bob’s.

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Saget’s life’s work was devoted to the Scleroderma Research Foundation after his sister Gay died of the illness in 1994. “The funds are going to charities that are important to Bob,” he stated. As a result of watching the film, “I hope people will feel a little better about themselves,” says the author. In a lighthearted tone, Mayer, 44, said, “He would’ve talked about this for a long time.”

Loughlin, 57, made a rare presence on social media to talk about Saget’s death and the outpouring of support she’s received from friends and strangers alike. “It’s been a wonderful experience. When strangers come up to me and say, “I’m so sorry for your loss,” and tell me how much Bob meant to them, I’m overcome with emotion “She went on to explain. “It’s still hard for me to accept that Bob is gone. He was everyone’s dad. He was a part of everyone’s youth.”


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Saget’s musical prowess came up at another time in the conversation. It’s hard to believe that Stamos, 58 years old, didn’t know more about the actor’s musical abilities than anyone else. A guitar from Saget’s collection was given to Rizzo by the actor’s wife, Kelly. “My son would love to jam if I were throwing him a birthday party or had him over for whatever. When Bob sings “Imagine,” I have a terrific video of him doing it.”

Mayer agreed, citing Saget’s performance “when he played, he actually played like a musician. However, despite the song’s joking nature, the performance was earnest.” It was also said of him by Ross: “He never missed an opportunity to see some new music… He was a musical soul.”

Saget’s friends and loved ones voiced their comments on the live comment feed while the pals talked and reminisced. Saget’s wife Kelly and the late actor’s Full House co-star Jodie Sweetin were among those who checked in to the live stream and left messages of love in the comments.

Ross also lauded Saget’s long-standing bond with the Full House ensemble. A thing that has never happened in the history of persons with castmates, he quipped, was Bob taking his TV family and making them into his real family. It’s as if the Full House cast is still in love with each other, ” In closing their Instagram Live, the band urged their followers to watch Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute on Netflix tonight as a way to pay tribute to Saget.

You watch it, enjoy it, and leave tonight with a little more pleasure in your step and love in your heart, knowing that you still have plenty of chances to spread happiness and laughter as Bob did, Mayer added.

Every time he had a chance, he would tell you how much he loved you,” Stamos said. “That’s the least you can do to honor him.” Loughlin went on to say, “He established a really high bar.” Saget died on January 9th. Ritz-Carlton hotel room found deceased one day after performing comedy gig outside of Jacksonville he was known for.

According to a prior Orange County Medical Examiner report acquired, Saget died as a result of acute head trauma after falling backward. There were no narcotics or alcoholic beverages involved. Later, an incident report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that the department couldn’t definitively determine the cause of his fatal injuries.

The Bob Saget Tribute was videotaped just three weeks after Saget’s unexpected death. At the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Saget’s celebrity buddies, such as John Stamos, Ross Mayer, and Jim Carrey were all in attendance for the Netflix tribute show honoring Saget. Dave Chappelle and Seth Green were also in attendance.

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Pre-recorded video portions featured Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Michael Keaton, Tim Allen, and Jon Lovitz, among others. In addition to Rizzo and his two children, Lara and Aubrey Saget, members of the late actor’s family attended the memorial service. Netflix has made Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute available for viewing.

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