Lisa Blackpink Parents: Meet The People Who Raised Him

Lisa, a Thai member of Blackpink, speaks the language surprisingly well. She has spent her entire life as an ex-pat, so it is unsurprising that she arrived in Korea as a trainee fluent in more than one language. We didn’t realize Lisa’s father was a Swiss immigrant until he told us.

As a result, is Lisa half-Thai? So, we’ll have to wait and see! Lisa has over 93 million followers on Instagram and over 11 million YouTube subscribers. Lisa is readily recognizable as a primary dancer icon now that she is back at work.

Let’s meet Lisa’s Thai family, who have been rooting for her since before her debut. They appreciate the other members of Blackpink, as well as Blinks. We’ll talk about Lisa Blackpink’s parents and other topics related to them here.

Lisa Blackpink Parents

Mrs. Manoban (Lisa Mother)

For your information, Lisa’s mother’s real name is not Mrs. Manoban. But, since she wants to remain anonymous, let’s simply call her that! Mrs. Manoban, like her daughter Lisa, is a natural beauty.

Mrs. Manoban, like her daughter, is of Thai origin and embodies the beauty of the Thai people. If you look closely, you can see that Lisa’s pure and angelic smile was passed down from Mrs. Manoban.

Mrs. Manoban had Lisa while she was young, so it’s no surprise that even though her lovely daughter has grown into a lovely girl, Mrs. Manoban has a youthful appearance. She appears to be Lisa’s older sister rather than her mother.

Mrs. Manoban is also pals with the mother of GOT7’s Bam Bam. They are frequently spotted at special events with their entire families. Lisa and Bam Bam have known each other since they were children because Mrs. Manoban and Bam Bam’s mother are longtime acquaintances.

Mrs. Manoban and her husband, Lisa’s father, can also be seen in an episode of Blackpink House, the reality show. Despite the language barrier, Mrs. Manoban was attentive to Lisa and her friends, the other Blackpink members, and they communicated well.

It demonstrated that Lisa’s mother not only had a beautiful face but also a compassionate heart that she extended to the members of Blackpink.

Marco P. Brüschweile (Lisa Father)

Marco P. Brüschweile is a Swiss chef, as Lisa’s followers are well aware. He and Lisa’s mother married while they were young, so he settled in Thailand to have a family. Surprisingly, the Brüschweiles did not have a child following their marriage.

As previously stated, Lalisa Manoban’s stepfather, Marco P. Brüschweile, is a well-known Swiss chef in his 60s. He has had multiple successes as a chef and owns and operates many profitable restaurants worldwide, including the Sun City Casino in Rustenburg, South Africa.

Similarly, Marco, a graduate with a Swiss Master’s degree, lived in Thailand and quickly became acquainted with Thai culture, eventually becoming one of the leading Thai culinary specialists.

Furthermore, Lisa’s father, Marco, confessed that his only daughter enjoys her mother’s cuisine, even though she is a competent cook. Marco’s Facebook page, like Chitthip’s, has been inactive since 2018. Similarly, Lisa discusses her father in interviews. She once stated that her father’s occupation may have impacted her preference for large kitchens.

Chitthip and Marco Brüschweile, Lalisa Manoban’s parents, are more visible in BLACKPINK HOUSE than the parents of other members.

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Lalisa Manoban’s Parents Made An Appearance On Blackpink House

Chitthip and Marco gave a surprise to the girls after appearing in Episode 4 of ‘Blackpink House’ in 2018. They had cooked a meal for the girls before they suddenly appeared.

Lisa had returned to the hotel after shopping, ecstatic with all the dishes on the table; she stated it was a feast her family made at home. Not only did she identify the food, but she also recognized the cutlery from her own house. The girls were taken aback and suspicious until Lisa’s parents appeared through the front door. The staff quickly warmed up to them and they had a fantastic supper.

Lisa’s parents have been featured in the media most often out of all the members of Blackpink, which presently consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Lisa is frequently observed spending valuable time with them. Chitthip and Marco appear to be highly understanding and caring parents, as evidenced by their forthright and humble demeanor.

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