Lil Peep Dead: What Was The Cause Of Rapper’s Death?

Lil Peep is a musician that has achieved a lot of success as a vocalist and a rapper thanks to his album Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2. His death occurred at such a tender age and his devoted followers were curious about the Lil Peep Cause Of Death.

Gustav Elijah Herr, better known by his stage name Lil Peep is a singer as well as a rapper. Emo-rap group GothBoiClique counted him as a member at one point in time. It was in 2013 when he first started publishing songs on SoundCloud under the name “Trap Goose” and he is now widely considered to be a preeminent personality of the middle to late 2010s. His popularity took off after the release of the mixtapes “Lil Peep Part One” and “Live Forever.”

In 2017, Lil Peep embarked on his very first solo tour which included performances in three Russian cities that were completely sold out. In 2018, he released his second studio album titled Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2 which made its debut on the Billboard 200 chart at position number four.

Unfortunately, his 21st birthday passed away just a few weeks later in 2017. Even now a significant number of his followers are curious about the Lil Peep cause of death. Keep reading this article to learn more about the circumstances behind Lil Peep’s passing.

Who Was Lil Peep?

Gustav Ahr better known as Lil Peep to the youth and rap fans of the world, appeared to have programmed himself for a brief existence – similar to a bolt of lightning. On his forehead were the words “Get Cake Die Young” inscribed in permanent ink. Fans referred to the American artist as “sound cloud rapper,” and they described his musical style as a fusion of rap and emo-trap. The musician did not care about the “purity” of the many musical genres and he combined styles in whichever way suited his mood.

Lil Peep Dead
Lil Peep Dead

Due to the occasional rock influences and the melancholy guitar portions in his music, some fans refer to Lil Peep as a southern rapper or a white rapper. The musician has also been referred to as the “emo style of the future” by a few people.

It didn’t matter what others called Lil Peep and it didn’t matter how harshly “pure” rappers blasted him, the young man’s songs were captivating and original, it was nearly impossible to mistake his work for the work of another artist. Themes such as unhappy love, sadness, suicidal ideation, drug use and magic were prevalent throughout Gustav’s body of work.

People who believe in superstitions think that the young guy invited evil into the world by making such prophesies. In contrast, admirers believe that Lil Peep was able to predict his own future.

Lil Peep’s Death

On November 15, 2017 the body of Lil Peep was found on his tour van. His manager had gone to check on him earlier that day in order to get him ready for a gig that would take place later that evening in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to fentanyl, Xanax, marijuana, cocaine and a number of other powerful prescription opiates.

Lil Peep’s system contained a variety of other substances as well. In a series of Instagram postings made before his passing, Lil Peep stated that he had partake in the consumption of cannabis concentrate in addition to psilocybin mushrooms.

After a video was released that showed him attempting to put an unknown substance into his mouth, a second video was released that showed him ingesting six Xanax pills. The text of the message said, “When I die, you’ll love me.” A number of famous vocalists from the business have expressed their sorrow over the death of the icon.

How did Lil Peep pass away?

On November 15, 2017, Lil Peep’s manager confirmed that the artist had passed away. Fans of his as well as other celebrities working in the music industry found the news to be extremely upsetting. Lil Peep has been very candid about his difficulties with mental health conditions such as anxiety, despair and addiction to substances, as well as his diagnosis of bipolar illness.

Someone who took a stand against the sexual harassment of women is this individual. It broke my heart to see him go through such a painful experience at such a tender age. In the wake of Lil Peep’s passing a number of musicians, such as Diplo, Post Malone, Dua Lipa and Marshmello have paid tribute to him.

The music critic for the New York Times, Jon Caramanica paid tribute to the late Peep by hosting a special episode of his podcast dedicated to the occasion. At the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Lil Peep received recognition for his work.

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