‘Liar!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Interrupts Biden During State Of The Union Address

Read the most viral news here about ‘Liar!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Biden during State of the Union address: When Biden said that “some” were willing to take drastic measures affecting Medicare and Social Security, a few Republican senators rose to disagree.

'Liar!': Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Biden during State of the Union address
‘Liar!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Biden during State of the Union address

Washington Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and a few other Republicans shouted during President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, accusing him of lying about the nation’s debt crisis.

As Biden addressed the current debate in Congress over raising the debt limit, the Republicans began to yell. Biden claimed that “some” Republicans were prepared to use drastic measures to achieve their goals in the current crisis.

Some Republican pals want to hold the country’s financial future hostage unless I accept their austerity measures. You should all be aware of those plans at home, Biden added.

“Some Republicans want Social Security and Medicare to expire.”

Several Republican members of Congress, dissatisfied with the speech’s direction, immediately started booing and shouting as soon as the proclamation was made. Even some Republicans rose to their feet in protest.

“Anyone who has any doubts should contact my office. A copy of the proposal will be given to you, Biden stated. Then, Greene continuously yelled, “Liar!” from behind the chamber.

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida is the author of the idea Biden mentioned, but most Republicans have not backed it. It specifies that to maintain the two programs. Congress must vote on them every five years.

Even among Republicans on the hill, Biden conceded that the concept was unpopular, but he claimed that some on the right were pushing it.

“I’m not claiming that most of you believe it. Although I don’t even believe it to be a significant (number), it is being suggested by some, “said Biden. “Some of you are proposing it, but I’m kindly not identifying them.”

Just watch this youtube video connected below.

Again, the gallery erupted in yells as Greene’s voice repeatedly referred to Biden as a “lie.” The continuing debate over raising the debt ceiling, which is essentially America’s credit card, was the subject of Biden’s remarks.

Only the government’s obligations on that budget are impacted by the debt ceiling, which serves as the expenditure cap. The United States may default on its obligations and plunge the world economy into recession if it fails to extend the debt ceiling before the treasury’s emergency measures expire later this summer.

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Republicans nonetheless seem prepared to fight, using the prospect of not increasing the limit as a weapon to pressure the government to reduce spending. With a wry smile, Biden turned away from that part of his speech and claimed that throughout the back-and-forth exchanges in his remarks, he had found common ground with the Republicans.

“As we all seemed to agree, Social Security and Medicare are no longer in effect. We have consensus,” said he. Hope you enjoyed reading about ‘Liar!’: Marjorie Taylor Greene interrupts Biden during the State of the Union address. You find it interesting that we have several pieces of news like this on our website.

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