Lauren London on Grief and Growth Since the Death of Love Nipsey Hussle: ‘I Wish He Was Here’

Lauren London’s performance in the new Netflix comedy You People has been well received. Still, there’s one person whose opinion she’d value more than anybody else’s: her late partner Nipsey Hussle.

Lauren London, 38, talked about her latest role and how she is “still a work in progress” these days on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast episode published on Monday. This comes nearly four years after the death of her love, rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Lauren London on Grief and Growth Since the Death of Love Nipsey Hussle

Despite her efforts to find calm and take pride in her achievements as a parent and professional, which London lists as the “success of having a job and meeting people and people showing me love,” she still experiences “the feeling of there’s one person you wished was here to watch the movie with you.”

London told PEOPLE Everyday host Janine Rubenstein-

“I also don’t want to give a misconception that I’m at peace and I’m walking around on a cloud,” “I have to wake up with the intention of this every day because there are days I don’t want to, and I’m like angry about it. And that’s what healing is. It is up and down, side to side, all over the place. You know what I mean? And with each new level, there’s something else.”

“And I wish he was here, so it’s really a choice,” London continued. “And so I’m making a choice every day, but I don’t wanna give off this perception that, you know, ‘Oh, everything’s all flowers…’ But I think if you make the choice and that you’re intentional with how you would like to show up in life, it could be more gentle than harsh.”

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