Who Is Lark’s Celeb Relative? ‘Claim To Fame’ Fans Possibly Expose Identity

The 24-year-old actress is currently on an ABC show hosted by Kevin Jonas and his younger brother Frankie. She has hinted that she knows a catwalk star.

Twelve people with famous relatives compete on the show “Claim to Fame” for a chance to win a $100,000 prize. The goal of the game is for them to keep their famous relative a secret while trying to figure out who their co-stars’ famous relatives are. They have to do this while living in a house together and not being able to use social media or Google to find out who their co-stars are.

Every week, one player becomes “the guesser” and has to figure out another contestant’s star connection or be eliminated. If they are right about who a player is, that player has to pack up and go home.

So far, Chuck Norris’ grandson has been sent home for sneaking in a cell phone in episode 1, Zendaya’s cousin Michael was sent home by Pepper in episode 2, and Lark correctly guessed that X was related to Laverne Cox in episode 3, which sent them home.

Who Is Lark From Claim To Fame Related To?

Claim to Fame fans is sure that Lark, whose full name is Lark Skov, is Cindy Crawford‘s niece.

Lark has already said on the show that her famous relative is her aunt and that the woman in question was a supermodel in the 1980s. Now, people have figured out that Crawford, who is 56 years old, follows Lark on Instagram. This could mean that they are related.

Who Is Lark From Claim To Fame Related To?
Who Is Lark From Claim To Fame Related To?

One viewer said on Twitter that “#ClaimToFame Lark is so related to Cindy Crawford.”

“I’m watching Claim to Fame, and Lark is Cindy Crawford’s niece, yes ma’am,” wrote someone else.

With her husband, Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford has two children, Kaia, 20, and Presley, 23. Kaia is also a model, and Presley is 23. On Instagram, Kaia is also following Lark.

Who Are The Other Claim To Fame Contestants Related To?

Claim to Fame viewers already knew that Amarah was Whoopi Goldberg’s granddaughter. They also think that Logan is country music star Jason Aldean’s cousin because of a TikTok video that hinted at a family connection.

Who Are The Other Claim To Fame Contestants Related To?

There is also strong evidence that Pepper might be the granddaughter of Dean Martin, a member of the Rat Pack.

Fans on Twitter think Brittany looks a lot like Lauren Conrad from The Hills, and they think Kai might be related to Tiffany Haddish.

People used to think that Dominique was related to Lonni Love, but now they think that she might be Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter.

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