Kimi: Is Going To Be Out On Netflix/HBO/Amazon Prime?

Steven Soderbergh will direct Kimi, which will be written and produced by David Koepp. Kimi (stylized as KIMI) will be released in theatres on September 8, 2018. Zoe Kravitz and Rita Wilson appear in the film as lead characters. A launching date of February 10, 2022 has been set for the HBO Max channel.

In a sci-fi thriller set in the digital age, “Kimi” has a captivating trailer online and premieres exclusively on HBO Max on February 10th.

The film “Kimi” by Steven Soderbergh and David Koepp imagines a future where Kimi, a fictional Siri-like digital assistant, is listening and recording every moment of people’s lives in real time. An agoraphobic voice stream translator (Zo Kravitz) believes she has overheard a murder on a tape she is analysing in this thriller from New Line Cinema and HBO Max (the film stars Zo Kravitz). When Childs tries to bring the recording to the attention of her superiors, she is ignored.
In the teaser, a colleague of Childs’ says, ” “Many various things are picked up by the devices. Delete it and mark it as “degraded audio” to avoid confusion.

Nobody doubts my competence, and you are aware of it. It is possible, says Childs, that the woman will need help. Asked, “How can I get to know her?”

Several individuals in the film wear masks to recognise the ongoing risk of the COVID-19 outbreak, which is shown in the trailer with action-packed shots of Childs fleeing, computer screens full of data and protests in the streets. Every several seconds, Kimi’s monotone voice answers to Childs’ question, “Kimi?”.

Jaime Camil (“Jane the Virgin,” “Kimi”), Erika Christensen (“Traffic”), Byron Bowers (“Derek DelGaudio’s In & of Itself,” “Riverdale,” “Logan Lucky,” “Side Effects,” and “The 33” star Rita Wilson will also star in “Kimi,” as will Charles Halford (“Derek DelGaudio’s In & of Itself,” “Riverdale,” “Logan Lucky “Theo

Kimi Plot

An agoraphobic computer worker uncovers evidence of a violent crime while monitoring a data stream during the COVID-19 epidemic in Seattle, but when she attempts to report it to her employer, she is faced with resistance and bureaucracy. After realising she must confront her greatest fear by venturing outside and into the city streets, she realises she must do so in order to become involved. This is after the city council passes a law restricting the movements of the homeless population. The streets are thronged with protestors, and she realises she must face her greatest fear by venturing out of her apartment and into the city streets, which are thronged with protestors.

Kimi Cast

  • Zoë Kravitz as Angela Childs
  • Rita Wilson as Angela’s boss
  • India de Beaufort as Sharon
  • Emily Kuroda as Dr. Burns
  • Byron Bowers
  • Jaime Camil
  • Jacob Vargas
  • Derek DelGaudio
  • Erika Christensen
  • Devin Ratray
  • Andy Daly
  • Robin Givens
  • Charles Halford


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Kimi Production

Announcing his selection to helm the New Line Cinema film Kimi, which will star Zoe Kravitz, Steven Soderbergh revealed his selection to direct the film on February 25, 2021. According to reports, the cast would be expanded to include Byron Bowers, Jaime Camil, Jacob Vargas, and Derek DelGaudio by March 2021. A new cast member was added to the picture in April 2021, when Erika Christensen and Devin Ratray were cast.

During April 2021, principal photography got underway in Los Angeles, which was also where most of the interior sequences were shot. It wasn’t until May that the production made the shift to Seattle to shoot outdoor sequences.

Last Lines-

Kimi is set to premiere on HBO Max on February 10, 2022, and will be the first original series to air on HBO.

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