Khaleed Abdul Urges Broke Men To Date Financially Stable Ladies To Escape Poverty: “Tafuta Rich Kid”

Khaleed Abdul, an actor, wrote a post for his Facebook fans in which he told broke men not to date broke women.

Khaleed said that the easiest way for poor men to get out of poverty is to date women who have money.

He said that a poor man and a rich woman would make a good couple because they would balance each other out.

It may be true that most women would rather date rich men than poor ones, but one man wants his other to follow this trend.

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Broke Men Date Rich Ladies

Khaleed Abdul has told poor men that they should date rich women so that they can use their money to get out of poverty.

The actor told poor people on his Facebook page that a good way to get rich would be to date, cool kids. The man who said he was the leader of the “Broke Men Association” also said that men should date women who can make their lives better.

“Let me tell you the best way to get out of being poor. Most women choose to marry men who have money and leave those who don’t. Why don’t men who are broke try this pattern? To make things fair, broke men should also look for rich women.

This will be a way to bring the rich and the poor closer together. If you’re broke, don’t go out with a woman who wants money from you. Kama Hana papers achana na yeye utafute rich kid. Sisi kama boychild time suffers sana. Don’t bring along another poor person. Look for a rich one to help you feel better “Khaleed wrote.

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Khaleed says the vendor asked him to give her some roasted maize.

In a different article, Khaleed Abdul talked about how surprised he was when a roasted maize vendor who had just sold him corn asked for more.

“Her Dreams Fell Apart,” Khaleed said he was shocked by the situation and said that almost everyone in the country was hungry.

He said that the high cost of living, which has made many people in the country feel hopeless, is not a strange thing.

“What’s going on in this nation. All of us are hungry. How can I buy corn from a woman who begs me to cut it for her? It’s no longer amazing, “He put words on paper.

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