Yellowstone Star Believes Kevin Costner Controversy Is Exaggerated

Yellowstone fans have been on the edge of their seats recently amid numerous reports about Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves star Kevin Costner being unhappy with the show and only wanting to spend a week shooting his scenes, which affects everything from scripts and character storylines all the way to shooting dates for the show.

However, here’s some reassuring news: Yellowstone star Wes Bentley doesn’t think fans have much to worry about and that all of the Costner-related drama has been overblown.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the star said the various reports that have so many fans so concerned are “probably a bit of drama over nothing.”

While Bentley did not go into specifics, he did suggest that the producers and showrunners of Yellowstone have dealt with similar difficulties in the past.

He stated that they are “getting things out with everyone to ensure we shoot” and expressed confidence that they would shoot because “we always have previously.”

We doubt they’ve had to cope with the magnitude of drama that the award-winning Kevin Costner is purportedly bringing, but it’s comforting to know that someone so close to the program is certain that everything will work out.

Kevin Costner Controversy

It’s worth mentioning that so far, all we know about Kevin Costner and the current Yellowstone drama is based on secondhand information claiming that he only wants to shoot scenes for a week during the second half of the fifth season and that his lawyer has refuted these assertions.

Costner typically shoots a half-season in 50-65 days, so it’s easy to understand how someone supposedly refusing to work for a quarter of that time could throw things off. Depending on who you ask, series co-creator and showrunner Taylor Sheridan is considering some radical solutions to the problem.

According to some sources, Sheridan and Paramount Global may put an end to Yellowstone as we know it and then create a new series that continues the overarching plot.

According to reports, Tom McConaughey would be the project’s main name (essentially replacing Costner), and many (but not all) of Yellowstone’s stars would appear in the new show.

Again, these are only rumors, but such a solution would neatly replace one major celebrity with another who is more acclimated to television work (McConaughey also starred in True Detective), all while continuing everyone’s favorite characters’ adventures.

And we can only assume that Paramount Global wouldn’t mind replacing Kevin Costner on Yellowstone with someone with a lower salary.

Costner is reportedly earning $1.5 million per episode at this point. We don’t know if Paramount would really replace Costner with McConaughey, or what the salary negotiations would look like, but it appears likely that the network will save money with such a move.

In other words, Wes Bentley might be correct about Yellowstone finding a way to continue to shoot, even if that means replacing the headlining star and shifting almost everyone else into a brand-new series. What is less clear is whether fans would make the jump to yet another spinoff series or whether the loss of Costner could lead to a major loss of viewers. If that happens, then Paramount and Taylor Sheridan’s plans to create an entire western franchise may end up riding off into the sunset for good.

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