Kenan Thompson Net Worth Details On His Earning And Career

On May 10, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, Kenan Thompson, a well-known actor and comedian, was born. His performances on “Saturday Night Live,” “Kenan & Kel,” and “All That,” among other things, have made him the most well-known actor. Since he began working in the entertainment industry in the middle of the 1990s, Kenan has been in a number of films and television programmers, as well as worked on them. He has also been nominated for awards like the Image, Kid’s Choice, Prism, and Young Hollywood Awards. His wealth has grown as a result of all of these endeavors.

Kenan Thompson is a very wealthy man, with an estimated net worth of over $9 million as of late 2017. It is obvious that his performances in a number of television programmers and motion pictures are the main source of his riches. There is no doubt that his money will increase because he is still young and has a lot he can do if he pursues a career as an actor and comedian.

Thompson was included in several of the early bumpers and promotional materials for Teen Nick’s 1990s programming block, The ’90s Are All That. She also served as a type of host for the block. For All That’s 22nd anniversary, he would return to the block, now known as Nick Rewind but at the time known as The Splat, with segments shot at the 2015 New York Comic-Con.

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Kenan Thompson Net Worth Early Life

Thompson was born in Columbus, Ohio, on May 10, 1978. [4] Fletcher and Elizabeth Ann Thompson are his parents. He has an older brother and a younger sister as siblings. When he was nine months old, his family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. Thompson’s mother enrolled him in acting lessons when he was five years old [5]. He had no lines in his debut appearance as Toto in a church production of The Wiz. [2] He kept playing throughout his youth, making appearances in productions at school such The Gingerbread Duck. He attended an audition for The Youth Ensemble of Atlanta, a theatre organization (YEA). [7] He described The Price Is Right as “my first passion” and “quite pleasant viewing” as a child, and this influenced his acting in the future.

As a reporter for CNN’s “Real News for Kids,” Thompson’s first job was as an entertainment reporter. [9] He continued to appear as a series regular in the first five seasons of All That, playing roles including Principal Pimpell, Miss Peddling, Pierre Escargot, and Superdude. From 1996 until 2000, primarily while still working on All That, he played Kenan Rock more on Nickelodeon’s Kenan & Kel. [9] He started shooting D2: The Mighty Ducks while still a student at Tri-Cities High School, an East Point, Georgia, Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth 

D2 The Mighty Ducks, which was released in 1994, is considered to be Kenan Thompson’s big-screen debut. His popularity has increased significantly since then, and as previously said, Kenan Thompson has a net worth of $14 million.  Speaking of “Saturday Night Live,” his well-known show from SNL, he used to earn $147K and today he makes roughly around $400k from the show.

Kenan Thompson Per Episode Charge

He began his career as a CNN entertainment reporter, where he was paid very little. He began charging $7000 every episode after joining SNG sketch comedy. Kenan Thompson is being paid $25,000 to $30,000 per episode after working there for so long and for the entirety of this year.

In actuality, he has earned more than $4 million to date only from that one show. If we talk about his annual compensation, it ranges between $500k and $600k from each season.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth Personal Life

Model Christina Evangeline, Kenan Thompson’s longtime girlfriend, and he were wed on November 11, 2011. Georgia Thompson, born on June 20, 2014, and Gianna Thompson, born on August 2, 2018, are Kenan and his wife’s two kids. Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Cosby, Charles Barkley, David Ortiz, OJ Simpson, and Steve Harvey are among the celebrities Thompson has portrayed on Saturday Night Live in the recurrent Family Feud comedy.

kenan thompson wife
kenan thompson wife

After ten years of marriage, Kenan Thompson and his wife Christina Evangeline are reportedly calling it quits. An insider told TMZ that the Saturday Night Live actor and interior designer were divorcing. Although the couple, who were married for 15 years, have apparently been apart for more than a year, no formal divorce papers have yet been filed. A request for response from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by Thompson’s representatives. Prior to getting married in a private ceremony at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta in November 2011, Thompson, 43, and Evangeline, 33, dated for four years. Georgia Marie, 7, and Gianna Michelle, 3, are daughters whom the comedian and actress are parents to.

Kenan Thompson has how many children?

Kenan welcomed two daughters into the world after being married to Christina Evangeline in 2011. Gianna was born in August 2018 after the couple received their first daughter, Georgia, in 2014. Although their union has been relatively discreet, Thompson revealed last year during an appearance on The Tonight Show that his wife had a negative first impression of the narrative of his sitcom, Kenan.

Contrary to real life with Evangeline, Georgia, and Gianna, Thompson plays a widower father of two girls attempting to manage work and life as a single parent in the NBC comedy.
The comic quipped that his wife “didn’t love it” when host Jimmy Fallon questioned him about the sitcom’s plot.
“Oh, so I’m dead, she said. But really, she was just being rude to me “explained Thompson. “However, I reacted by saying, “Yeah… it’s not you, you get what I mean? a performance. It’s different from that.”

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Kenan Thompson Net Worth Career

Kenan Thompson, an Atlanta native, began his career in the early to mid-1990s as a child artist in a number of films and TV shows. Later, he found something that interested him, and from 2003 till the present, he has been on Saturday Night Live. Kenan Thompson has a $14 million net worth despite his fame and wealth. His earnings from movies, television series, and endorsements were the source of his entire net worth.

Kenan recently sold a memori at $1 million. Additionally, he has sold several similar items. What are Kenan’s episode-by-episode fees? What his income is from movies, endorsements, and other sources? If this is all you have in mind, please proceed to the section below.

D2 The Mighty Ducks, which was released in 1994, marked Kenan Thompson’s big-screen debut. Since then, he has experienced significant popularity, and as previously mentioned, Kenan Thompson has a net worth of $14 million. Speaking of his well-known SNL program, “Saturday Night Live,” he used to earn $147K and today he makes roughly $400K from the program.

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