Kazakhstan confirms 164 deaths, 2,000 injured and 6,000 arrested due to protests in the country

Polícia de choque em rua de Almaty, Cazaquistão, durante protestos contra o governo.

Rush police in Almaty street, Kazakhstan, during anti-government protests.

| Photo: EFE/EPA/STR

07105452 The wave of protests in Kazakhstan has already left 164 dead and injured a fence of two thousand people. The information was released by the government of Kazakhstan this Sunday (9). Also according to the government, nearly 6,000 people would have been arrested accused of being involved in the protests that have been taking place since last Sunday (2) in the country, motivated by the increase in the price of liquefied gas, fuel used by many Kazakhs to fuel vehicles.

07105452 Still, members of the country’s Ministry of Interior said that the situation is “stabilizing” and that government buildings and agencies that had been taken over by the protesters have already been recovered by state forces. The real situation is difficult to be verified because there was a kind of “blackout” on the internet in the country.

According to the Russian TV station Mir-10, this Sunday it was still possible to hear gunshots in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, with a population of about 2 million inhabitants, and which concentrates the most violent protests. The city’s airport, taken over by protesters last week, has already been recovered and is expected to resume operations on Monday (10).0710545207105452