In Hollywood, plastic surgery is no longer a strange thing. Plastic surgery is done at some point in the careers of actors, models, businessmen, politicians, and anyone else who has to deal with fame. Many of these people don’t say they’ve had plastic surgery, but fans can tell by looking at before-and-after pictures or just remembering what they looked like before.

Kathie Lee Gifford is one of the famous people whose lives have been changed by plastic surgery. Kathie admitted to using Botox on her face in an interview with Jimmy Falon. She has probably been doing this since she was 40. A few years, there were rumors that Kathie Lee Gifford had plastic surgery. After that, she became a regular column in magazines and newspapers.

Kathie is a well-known TV host, singer, songwriter, and actress who is best known for working with Regis Philbin. Kathie has been nominated for the Emmy awards many times. But she won her first one for her work on “The Today Show” in 2010. Some of the rumors about nose jobs, Botox, facelifts, and cheek implants that have been going around have turned out to be true.

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery

In one of her interviews, Kathie says that she has had plastic surgery. The same information came from Gifford’s publishing company to the National Inquirer as well. In her book “Life and Other Disasters,” she talks about some of the times she needed laser and Botox treatments. But there’s nothing in the book that shows she’s had a facelift.

Rosie O’Donnell came back to Sirius XM Radio and accused Kathie Lee of getting facelifts. At one point, Kathie Lee fought back by saying that she hasn’t had a facelift and that she would host the show without makeup to prove it. Many people were surprised to see Kathie Lee’s natural face on the show, even without Botox. On that day, she only had glossy lip balm on.

Kathie Lee Gifford is one of the most famous people in the United States who has had plastic surgery, and she has been able to keep her fresh, younger look thanks to it. Fans all over the world can see the changes Kathie makes to her face from year to year. What’s interesting is that she’s not afraid to talk about all the rumors and speculation about plastic surgery.

The more she talked about having plastic surgery in public, the more her confidence grew, which is a good thing for her career. She told people about her laser treatments because she was open about the plastic surgery she had done on her face. However, none of the information she has given supports the idea that she must have had rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, or any other cosmetic change to her face.

Kathie Lee Gifford Personal Life

In 1976, Kathie Lee got married to Paul Johnson, who was a composer, arranger, producer, and publisher. They became famous for their Christian music, and the covers of Christian magazines showed them. From the beginning, the marriage was hard, and in 1981, Johnson left. In 1982, they got a divorce.

Kathie Lee got married for the second time on October 18, 1986. This time, she married football player and TV sports commentator Frank Gifford. He had already been married to Maxine Avis Ewart and Astrid Lindley. This was his third marriage. He had three kids with Ewart.

Frank was 23 years older than Kathie Lee. They had two kids together, Cody Newton Gifford (born March 22, 1990) and Cassidy Erin Gifford (born August 2, 1993). They were both born on August 16. Frank died of natural causes at their home in Greenwich, Connecticut, on August 9, 2015. He was 84 years old. In 2017, she put out “He Saw Jesus,” a very personal song about her husband that she wrote with songwriter Brett James. All of the money from the song went to the international evangelical Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse, which helps people in need.

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