Who Is The Kanye West’s New Wife? Details About Bianca Censori Revealed

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been around for an eternity, but his role as Negan in AMC’s The Walking Deαd catapulted him to stardom. While the character evolved from Big Bad to survivor ally, Morgan is a loving family man who adores his wife, Hilarie Burton.

How Did Hilarie Burton And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Meet?

Kanye West combines business and pleasure. With Bianca Censori, the singer now known as Ye has moved on from ex-wife Kim Kardashian and lover Julia Fox. The openly anti-Semitic musician and designer first walked out with Censori in early January 2023, and they were said to have married the following month.

They’ve been seen out together multiple times since then, including with one of his children. Learn about the woman who chose to have a marriage ceremony with the man who gave us “Monster” and has openly glorified Hitler.

How Did Kanye West Meet Bianca Censori?

In a radio interview, a Censori acquaintance claimed that West and Censori met the old-fashioned way: He sneaked into her DMs.

kanye west's new wife

“‘Come and work for me,'” West reportedly told her, according to the acquaintance, after which Censori moved to Los Angeles to take him up on his offer.

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Is Kanye West Married to Bianca Censori?

That depends on how you define “married,” it’s unclear what Censori and West’s deal is at this point. According to TMZ, West, and Censori married in a private ceremony in January 2023 but do not appear to have a legally binding marriage license.

For what it’s worth, West has been seen wearing what appears to be a wedding ring after their ceremony, so whether or not it’s legal, it seems natural to him. Her family has also expressed hazy support for the union.

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The couple’s romance appeared to be a whirlwind, with news of their “wedding” arriving just days after they were first seen in public on a dinner date.

On the other hand, Fans of Ye pointed out that his song “Censori Overload,” a pun on her surname, was released in December 2022, implying that he was at least interested in her for a month before proposing.

Aside from titles, their relationship is severe enough that West introduced Censori to his daughter North, and cameras followed the group when they all visited Universal Studios Hollywood in early March 2023.

Where is Bianca Censori From?

Censori was born in Melbourne, Australia, and now resides in Los Angeles. In June 2022, she told Vogue Australia that COVID-19 forced her to return to Melbourne temporarily. “The pandemic brought together many Australian creatives for the first time in a long time.”

“Melbourne felt like a melting pot of international creativity,” she added. “People began to cross disciplines and collaborate in ways I hadn’t experienced before.”

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